It is now official! Lisbon’s City Council has approved the suspension of new tourist rental registers in 14 parishes. The so-called containment zones have existed in the city since 2019 when many areas could no longer receive TR registers. This new law comprehends, even more, the main tourist areas, which are now prevented from getting new registers of apartments destined for tourism. Although it is easy to find several maps and explanations about these restrictions, LovelyStay, which had already created a map in 2020, has updated the tool so that you can know for sure which streets and places are restricted to new permit applications.

This map was developed by our company’s tech team who, in partnership with our sales sector, has felt the need to provide clients with an accessible way to understand every zone which takes part in the regulations. Our platform works basically in the same way that Google Maps: you need to insert the property’s address to see if it is located, or not, inside the containment area.

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Do you want to know if your property can or cannot obtain a TR license? Click here, or see more on the map below.

The map allows you to get to know all containment zones, as well as relative containment zones and potential new restricted zones. Places like Alfama, Bairro Alto, Baixa, Castelo and Avenida da República can no longer get permits. Enterprises located at Colina de Santana, Penha de França and Bairro da Graça are part of the update of areas restricted to permit applications for tourist rental.

With containment zones in Lisbon, a lot more places can now be explored for touristic ends and new apartment segments have entered the market. There are more Airbnb near the Descobrimentos zone and tourism has expanded geographically, which may contribute to the value of the whole city.


If even after seeing the map you still have doubts about whether or not your property is in the containment zones in Lisbon, LovelyStay has a team ready to help you. We know that many times all you need is to cross the street to enter a containment zone and so your apartment may not be included, there are always exceptions. Speak to our team and clarify all doubts: or fill out the form on our website.

Translated by Joana Teixeira

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