After such a challenging year, we can consider that LovelyStay’s 2021 results were better than expected! With so many uncertainties, we had to reinvent ourselves once again to be able to end the year with great success. With a motivated team and well-defined strategies, we succeeded!

Last year alone, we welcomed over 61,000 guests – a 153% increase over 2020. In addition, we conducted more than 18,000 check-ins at over 450 properties nationwide. 

And the results for 2021 don’t stop. We had the best summer ever for the company and for all our customers. Between June, July, and August, we accumulated over 2 million euros in gross revenue, which shows that the summer was indeed very profitable for all our partners. See more about this at this link!

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It may sound easy, but it wasn’t. Our team has grown, we have had several brainstorming meetings, we have invested in mid-term stays, we have outlined strategies to attract more guests, we have attracted new owners, and the 2021 results have shown us that we are on the right track.

Considering the months of the tourism recovery, take a look at the occupancy rate of our properties in Lisbon and Porto in 2021:

MAY – 90% in Lisbon / 70% in Porto

JUNE – 87% in Lisbon / 81% in Porto

JULY – 84% in Lisbon / 81% in Porto

AUGUST – 93% in Lisbon / 91% in Oporto

SEPTEMBER – 87% in Lisbon / 83% in Oporto

OCTOBER – 93% in Lisbon / 88% in Oporto

NOVEMBER – 85% in Lisbon / 82% in Oporto

DECEMBER – 72% Lisbon / 69% Oporto

In fact, we are very proud of the LovelyStay’s 2021 results!



We are a leading company in the short-term rental market in the country, we offer personalized management that aims to provide our clients with the best experience possible. For our guests, we have a complete hospitality team that accompanies them even before check-in and until the last moment of their stay. For the owners, we have a team of account managers who provide individualized and efficient service. In addition, we have a team of accountants, sales, IT, pricing managers, marketing, onboarding specialists, and quality control managers. If you would like to become our partner, please contact us:

Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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