With a much less severe cold than most European countries, Portugal can be an excellent Winter destination for those looking to escape the negative temperatures, but who still want to enjoy a good fireplace, comforting food, and beautiful landscapes. Although it is a small country, there is almost everything!

Recently, we talked about some places where you can find snow in Portugal. If you’re looking for a more icy outing, be sure to read our tips in the article we published. Link!

But if your goal is to get to know the country and not be so cold, we have separated 5 unmissable destinations to visit in Portugal during the Winter. Want to know which ones? Be sure to read this text!


This charming town, located 85 km from Lisbon, looks like a movie set. With a castle surrounded by walls, Óbidos has narrow streets perfect for a walk. With several restaurants and typical stores, tourists can still get to know and enjoy the most typical drink of the region: Ginja – a sweet liquor that is usually served in a chocolate cup.

Oh, and for those who will get to know the village at Christmas time, be sure to visit the Christmas Village. See more information at the link.


Lagos is one of the most visited towns in the Algarve during the Summer. And no wonder, its landscape is breathtaking! For those who do not like to travel to places with many tourists, Lagos is ideal to visit also in the Winter. With average temperatures of 10 degrees, enjoy all the cliffs around you.

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Alentejo Interior

The Alentejo itself is a perfect destination to visit in any season. With a very hot Summer, the region has a milder and more pleasant winter. Ideal to enjoy the typical and delicious Alentejo dishes, usually stronger and heavier, accompanied by excellent wines of the region.

Madeira Island

If the idea is to board a plane, how about visiting Madeira Island? The island is famous in the Summer, but also very popular in the colder season of the year. For surfers, the best waves are found in the Winter. And for tourists, it is an opportunity to walk around in more pleasant temperatures.


If the idea is really to get to know one of the islands, the Azores Islands can be another excellent option for those who want to escape the harshest cold. With milder temperatures, guaranteed by the subtropical oceanic climate, this destination is ideal for those who want to relax, enjoy an excellent meat dish (veal) and take in stunning scenery.


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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