The upcoming season is not officially here yet, but we are already feeling a milder temperature. With the coming of the cold, many tourists choose to do winter tourism and enjoy icy mountains all over Europe. Although our country is not known as a winter destination, did you know that it is possible to find snow in Portugal?

If we compare it to other European countries, we don’t have big mountains or ski resorts as equipped, but for those who don’t want to leave the country, enjoying the snow in Portugal can be a great and economical option. Do you like the idea? Then this text is for you!

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Serra da Estrela

The classic! Serra da Estrela is known, apart from anything else, for its unique mountain cheeses. Visited throughout the year by tourists from various places, Serra da Estrela has one more attraction during the winter: the snow. Considered the ideal place for those who want to see snow in Portugal, it is located at the highest and coldest point in the country. With many charming (and cold!) villages, tourists can enjoy Loriga, Manteigas, Sabigueiro, and Covilhã, among many other charming places that deserve a visit.

National Park Peneda-Gerês

During the Summer, it is known for its immense waterfalls and fluvial beaches. In the Winter, get your coat ready! In this region, it is possible to find temperatures of – 8 °C.

Located between the regions of Minho and Trás-os-Montes, the National Park of Peneda Gerês usually has snow from December to February. If you want to explore Gerês in cold weather, you should also visit Soajo, Pitões das Júnias, Lindoso or Castro Laboreiro.

Serra do Marão

Located in the middle of the Douro Litoral and Alto Douro, Serra do Marão is the sixth-highest elevation in mainland Portugal, with 1,416 meters of altitude and 681 meters of topographic prominence. With stunning mountainous landscapes, it is ideal for rural and adventure tourism. Besides the snow, which is certainly one of the attractions of the Sierra, the tungsten mines, which date back to World War II, are other tourist options in this area. Well worth a visit!


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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