What all local accommodation owners want right now are ways to make their Airbnb more profitable. With closed borders and the third wave of the pandemic, finding tourists around the country is very difficult. But this is not the time for discouragement as there are several ways to make your business more profitable which we will explore a few in this piece!

One crucial tip that we have talked about before is self-check-in. Want to learn more about this subject? Take a look here!

Hire a management company

We may be biased when we talk about this subject, but if we treat rental accommodation as any other profitable business, a specialized company has the possibility to develop a service that a host alone usually cannot. This happens because a company in the field has tourism professionals that, besides having knowledge in guest management, also take care of the property’s maintenance, price and revenue management, cleaning management and specialized administrative support services to the owner. LovelyStay, for example, has employees from different backgrounds, which allows it to create a complete property management strategy focused on providing a unique experience to guests and guaranteeing quality service to owners.

Image bank

Invest in good photos

We know very well that what attracts the most attention is a beautiful kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a functional living room. But it is no use just investing in decoration, quality equipment, or even a unique environment if the photos do not sell that to the guests. So our suggestion is that you hire a competent professional to properly photograph your property so that the presentation matches what you have created inside

Decorate your local accommodation

We often think: since it is for tourists, it is not worth spending so much on decoration. And actually, it’s the other way around! Airbnb tourists are looking for comfortable apartments with a unique aesthetic, and it is also wrong to think that to have a nice property you have to invest a lot of money! We have already written an article with great low-cost decorating tips that can increase the profitability of your Airbnb exponentially! Check it out at the link.

Invest in a good ad title and description

Beyond the photos, it is when creating the ad that you need to impact the guest to get them to book. Be honest in the description and value what is best about your property. Try to answer all possible questions the tourist may have, this way he is much more attracted to your property, not to mention that complete ads are better positioned on the platform itself.

Cancellation policies

Last but not least, review your accommodation’s cancellation policies. One important way to make your Airbnb more profitable, especially in this pandemic time, is to be more understanding about possible cancellations without, however, giving up the possibility of securing more profitable bookings in the long run. With all this uncertainty, guests end up opting for a property that has the most flexible policy possible, so you should consider a moderate or even flexible policy to attract more visibility for your listing.

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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares


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