When we think about renovation, it soon comes to mind big construction projects, time-consuming and expensive work. But know that in this text we will address precisely the opposite. We will suggest a way to take advantage of the quarantine to give new breath to your property without spending too much. From details to decoration and even a small renovation of an environment. Everything to add value and get more bookings when everything goes back to normal.

With the new pandemic, the tourism sector has been directly affected and therefore it is necessary to think of creative solutions to innovate and renovate at low cost. We have mentioned before that many owners have focused on medium/long stays. See more on this link.

But if the proposal is to continue working with short term stays, create saleable spaces, with artificial plants, blankets and beautiful decoration objects. Want to know how to enhance your Airbnb without spending too much? Check out our tips!

Bet on the details

It is inevitable to enter a local accommodation and not find furniture from Ikea. In addition to providing a good cost-benefit, the company has practical solutions for various situations. But how about exchanging those simple handles for something more chic? Or even change the feet for more elegant pieces or even bet on a more beautiful design? These are low investments that give other refinement to your property.

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Renew the bathroom

A renovated bathroom is always an asset when it comes to tourists’ choice. After all, no one likes to get into a careless and old environment. So investing in some bathroom renovations can be very good for your business.

Do you find your tiles old? Instead of changing them, why not paint them? There are several paints on the market specifically for this and they make the space look much more pleasant. Besides being much cheaper, the transformation happens in a few days.

Also, opt for glass separators in the bathtub. According to DR Arquitectura’s designer Daniela Santos, “with 100 euros it is possible to put a glass separator which has a gigantic effect on the environment”.


Think of the decoration and the details. Pillows leave a much more cosy atmosphere, so put lots on the bed and sofa. During winter, the blankets give a little special charm.

“Placing a basket in the hall and air fresheners all over the house, besides bringing a striking image, leaves a very pleasant smell. For the bedroom, don’t forget to put a foot cover, because for less than 20 euros you can make the bed more delicate”, comments Daniela.

The decoration in the bathroom also needs to be thought out. Gold and black are beautiful and extremely elegant. Or, depending on the colour of your environment, green can bring a fresher tone. Take a bet on these details.


Green gives any place a more relaxing feeling. For Airbnb properties, our tip is to invest in artificial plants. There are many on the market that come close to natural ones and make the environment more aesthetic and have the advantage of not needing maintenance. Of course, if you still prefer natural plants, choose to put cactuses and succulents – which are very resistant.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can transform your space and take advantage of this pandemic time to invest in your business!


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