The efficient management of the COVID-19 crisis brought another recognition to Portugal: the Country Brand Awards for the best European tourism brand, corresponding to the tourism promotion category. The country, which has already been considered one of Europe’s safest post-coronavirus destinations, received the award for all the work it has done to combat the virus that stopped the world in 2020.

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In the award, which also elected the best tourist brands in the world, Portugal was in third place. Among all countries, Dubai was the best rated worldwide (average score 7.75 out of 10). Its communication work with the “Ready when you are” campaign, as well as the integration of strict sanitary protocols during the pandemic recognised by the WTTC, were the basis of this recognition. Australia (7.5) and Portugal (7.37) followed. Regarding the European results, out of an average of 10, Portugal received 7.37, followed by France (7.25) and Italy (7.12). 

Based on a strict selection process and voting system, the Country Brand Awards evaluate countries based on three categories:

  • the ability to create an economic brand that includes attracting investment, promoting exports and attracting talent;
  • the construction of the touristic brand, conditioned by the capacity to attract tourists and generate economic movement, adding the intangible concepts of the country brand as the factor of influence of companies, its inhabitants, its culture and the influence of political and legal matters;
  • the management of the COVID-19 crisis, in which the way countries and brands protect their citizens is given greater prominence.
Portugal - Country Brand Awards
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The jury, made up of leading names in the field of tourism worldwide, assessed the countries during the months of September and October, considering the tourism promotion campaigns of the last three years and the health management of coronavirus during the first wave.

According to a statement, the President of Tourism of Portugal, Luís Araújo, mentioned the pride in the international recognition of the work being done. “Tourism of Portugal has from the outset implemented measures to minimise the impact of the temporary reduction in demand levels in tourism, focusing on promotion tailored to the moment, on one-off actions in various markets and, above all, seeking to strengthen confidence in the destination. This is our message: Portugal remains authentic, diverse, attractive, inclusive and safe. It maintains its purpose and commitment to welcome, to respect differences and today, more than ever, to guarantee everyone that they can travel around the country, safely and confidently. We are waiting for you”, he comments.

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** Information: Turismo de Portugal

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