Portugal was one of the most praised countries during the fight against the pandemic. And with the opening of trade and borders, it has become the destination of choice for foreigners who want to enjoy the summer with more peace of mind. At the beginning of the month, the Forbes website revealed the 20 safest places in Europe to travel post-Coronavirus. And it’s with great happiness that three important Portuguese areas were included in the list.

Did you know that Portugal was the first destination to receive the “Safe Travels” stamp awarded by the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council)? The stamp certifies places that comply with hygiene and safety rules, such as bars, restaurants and hotels post-coronavirus. This assures travellers that the country can be an excellent option. Furthermore, the Government, which took extreme measures during the pandemic, and which were also followed by the population, can now enjoy good results.

Among the places mentioned by the magazine, the Azores Islands, the Algarve and the Alentejo region were the elected Portuguese destinations. Many of these places had a very low rate of coronavirus infection, so besides the natural beauties, this factor was extremely relevant to the choice.

Azores Islands – Bank image

The Azores Islands are in 4th place. For those looking for a destination focused on nature, with hiking, dolphin and whale watching, tasting local products and experiencing a quiet holiday, the Azores are perfect.

In 6th place we find the beautiful region of Alentejo. Besides the predominant and untouched nature, the Alentejo is famous for its varied wines. The tip is to get to know Évora – and the church of bones, and enjoy a trip along the coast from Comporta to Odeceixe.

With beautiful beaches and an extremely pleasant temperature all year round, the Algarve region is ninth on the list. In addition to being a destination much appreciated by the Portuguese, in the summer beaches are also occupied by Germans, English and Swiss people who prefer the Algarve heat to enjoy the hottest season of the year.

Besides Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Georgia, Romania, Montenegro, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland had some of their cities listed. Want to know all the places? Check this link.


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