Achieving the “Superhost” status is a goal for all Airbnb hosts – but it can be quite a tedious process. This status helps your listings show up at the top or Airbnb searches, bringing you more guests and – you guessed it – more income.

Here are the top practices you can implement to ensure you get the shiny “Superhost” status in no time!

1)Respond Promptly!

All Airbnb hosts must strive to respond to all inquiries as soon as they arrive! Once a year, Airbnb calculates the average amount of time it took you to respond to each new message and in order to pass the test with flying colors, you need to have an average response rate of at least 90%. This might be the most difficult part to manage if you handle your Airbnb on your own, but with a property management team such as ours, you need not worry! We have a specialized team in our Back Office working day and night to ensure all guest inquiries are answered promptly without fail!

2)Strive for 5 Star Reviews

Here’s the most important thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to managing properties online; Provide 5-star service, earn a 5-star review. After your guests stay is over, remind them to leave you a review, and do not be afraid to ask them for a 5-star rating. After all, you worked hard to make their stay comfortable, thus you deserve the credit and recognition for it!

Of course, mishaps occur now and again; the A/C malfunctions, the check-in is delayed, or a light bulb goes out and you end up receiving a bad review. However, do not let that worry you too much. Remember that you need at least 80% in this section in order to pass Airbnb ́s test. Take the criticism, learn from it, and improve on it so that it can be avoided in the future.

To make sure that the bad reviews do not scare away any potential guests, always respond to all the reviews in a prompt and detailed fashion!

3) Host a Minimum of 10 Guests Per Year

This sounds easy enough to achieve, especially if you’re renting out multiple properties. However, if you are struggling with this for whatever reason, update your photos, improve your description, and apply some discounts to your property – no one can resist a good bargain!

LovelyStay is constantly on top of this matter and strives to get as many bookings as possible for the right price! If you need help achieving this goal; get in touch with us and let us take care of everything for you.

4) Maintain a 4.8 Rating or More

The steps required to become an Airbnb Superhost must be followed even after receiving the dazzling title. To retain this glorious status, you have to continue to be an outstanding host. If your rating drops below 4.8, you’ll lose your recognition and have to start all over again to retrieve it.

5) Never Back Out

Unless an emergency or unavoidable circumstance occurs- do not cancel that reservation! Once a reservation comes in, you have an obligation as a host to commit to allowing the guest to stay at your property. Airbnb has outlined the cancellation process in detail on their website, should an emergency occur, read them carefully to guarantee you cancel the reservation correctly.

This may seem like tedious work, and you must be wondering whether the Airbnb Superhost status is really worth it! We would like to assure you that the Superhost status is sought after by most Airbnb guests; it shows that you are trustworthy, recommended by Airbnb and other guests, and sets you apart from your competition.

As LovelyStay, we take great care of the properties handed to us, and we strive to meet all these requirements for each and every one of them. We help you earn the “Superhost” medal of honor and preserve it.

If you would like us to manage your rental property for you, just get in touch with us and we will provide you with all the details.

Written By: Ismat Ara Khan


We manage, You Earn.


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