As of July 1st, a new Digital Platform which allows consumers and users to submit their complaints in electronic format is available at This is the same as the physical complaints book provided in all public service locations and holds the same value.

The so-called “Electronic Complaints Book” (“Livro de Reclamações Electrónico”) was created on June 21st by the Decree-Law 74/2017, and regulated by Regulation 201-A/2017, of June 30th. The availability of the Electronic Complaints Book has been made compulsory for all suppliers of goods and service providers who carry out their activity either through a physical establishment open to the public or through digital means. Non-compliance with this mandatory provision may be sanctioned with a monetary fine ranging from EUR 250 up to EUR 3.500 for individuals and from EUR 1.500 up to EUR 15.000 for legal entities. 

It is important to note that LovelyStay will start installing the Alojamento Local (AL) plaques for all the apartments that received their AL license after the 21st of October 2018. To do so, the condominium boards must be informed regarding the presence of the AL. Thus, the following information must be provided;
– The name of the person/company in charge
– Their email address
– Their phone number

Our goal as LovelyStay is to have all the AL signs installed before the 21st of October 2019. If you are one of our owners and haven’t done so already, please let us know whether or not you would like us to personally install these signs for you outside your apartment.

Are you interested in putting your apartment on the short term rental market; contact us now for more information on how to help your property reach its full potential by clicking on the contact us tab below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by: Ismat Ara Khan


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