We’re in the peak of Summer, and we can already observe this season’s notable results! The months of June and July ended with excellent numbers, and Summer at LovelyStay has been truly impressive! We’ve talked to our income management team to know more about the results of this season’s first two months. Get to know more below!

LovelyStay (LS) – What were LovelyStay’s results for Summer in June and July? (in terms of profitability and occupancy rate).
Income Management Team (IMT) – We’ve obtained excellent results and are keeping up to all predictions for this year. Only in June, we’ve had a gross income for our owners of 2.8 million euros, with an average occupancy rate of 84%. In July, we increased our profitability and generated more than 3.3 million euros for our clients, with the same 84% occupancy rate.

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LS – In terms of profitability, are we being more profitable this year than last year?
IMT – Yes, only in June we’ve had an increase in 57% when compared to last year, and in July more than 35%. Given that 2022 was a historical year for the company, we can say that 2023 is going to be even better!

LS – What have been the top 5 nationalities staying at our properties during these two months?
IMT – The nationalities which we hosted the most during Summer at LovelyStay were: Portuguese, American, Spanish, French and British.

LS – From January to July, how much gross income did LovelyStay generated for its owners? Are we keeping up with the trend which was projected for this year, with the goal of hitting the 25 million euros?
IMT – Only in these first 7 months, we’ve generated 14 million euros more (a 60% increase when compared to last year). We’re keeping up with the projected trend, and we believe that we’ll hit our goal for this year, given that August is being an excellent month, which will certainly help us get closer to the 25 million euro goal.

LS – The Madeira island is a new market for the company. Do we already have the results for June and July?
IMT – Yes, only in June we’ve generate a gross income of over 620 thousand euros, and in July we’ve hit the 1.13 million euro mark! An increase in 53% and 86%, respectively, when compared to last year.

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We’re not even past the high season months, but we can already state that Summer at LovelyStay is providing us excellent results. Do you want to know more about our success? Talk to our sales team by email at sales@lovelystay, by phone at +351 939 958 051, or get to know all our management packages on our site!