According to preliminary data by the National Institute for Statistics (INE), the tourism sector grew significantly in 2022, when compared to 2021. Tourist accommodations have registered 26,5 million guests and 69,5 million overnight stays last year, which correspond to a homologous increase in 83,3% and 86,3%, respectively.

When compared to 2019, which was an excellent year for the sector, the number of guests has decreased in 2,3% and the overnight stays in 0,9%, very close to pre-pandemic levels. However, as it’s been said, the number of national tourists has increased by 8,6%, and the number of international ones has decreased 5% in 2022, proof that the Portuguese have traveled a lot in the country during the pandemic years.

Regarding overnight stays by non-residents, the main growth was in the Azores (+5,1%), Madeira (+4,5%) and in the North (+4,3%) and, in the opposite tendency, the biggest decreases were in the Centre (-13,1%) and in the Algarve (-11,3%).

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The United Kingdom was the main emission market in 2022, representing 19,3% of the international overnight stays, almost triple the amount of 2021 (+191,9%; -4% compared with 2019). It was followed by the German market (11,5%), the Spanish (10,8%) and the French (9,3%), but the biggest growth was registered in the North-American market (7,5%), which increased by 327,4% (+26,9% when compared to 2019).

In an analysis of the month of December, the INE has observed that tourist accommodation has registered 1,6 million guests and 3,7 million overnight stays, which correspond to homologous increases in 44,2% an 44,6%, respectively. Compared to December 2019, the number of guests has increased 1,9%, and the number of overnight stays has increased 5,5%.

Still in comparison with 2021, in 2022 the sector of tourism was excellent for the AL establishments. There was an increase of 84,4% (-4,1% when compared to 2019).

Source: INE

Tourism in 2022: LovelyStay results

Last year, LovelyStay hosted more than 120.000 guests and made more than 45.000 check-ins. Besides, we have closed the year with a gross income to our clients of over 18 million euros, which corresponds to an increase of over 200%, when compared to 2021.

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Translated by Joana Teixeira

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