The Tourist Accommodation Management company has had an increase of over 200%, when compared to 2021, and hopes to end 2023 with a gross income of over 25 million euros.

The past year was a real challenge! After the uncertainty of 2020 and 2021, 2022 was a turning point for tourism. It’s not a mistake that LovelyStay, the leader in tourist accommodation management in the country, has closed the year with a gross income for its clients of over 18 million euros, an increase of over 200% when compared to 2021. The expectation is that 2023 will be even better, with a turnover above 25 million euros – 40% more than last year.

These impressive results are a matter of celebration. After all, in almost 8 years of history, LovelyStay has doubled its portfolio in the last 3 years and, over time, has amounted to over 90 thousand check-ins and hosted about 245 thousand guests. In the last few years, the company has been investing in the management of properties of the medium-high segment, and today has more than 850 properties from all over the country in its portfolio.

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“LovelyStay has been growing in a solid and efficient manner. We have increased the number of employees by 20%, and are always working to keep and nourish our talents in the best possible way. We have overcome the two worst years for Tourism, and in 2022 we’ve had proof that we’re on the right path. If you ask me what’s the secret to our success, I can answer in two words: competence and resilience because we came out of the crisis even stronger. We are certain that, until Summer this year, we will be not only the best, but the biggest management company in the country”, comments LovelyStay’s CEO, William Tonnard.

The numbers are impressive! In 2022, LovelyStay hosted more than 120.000 guests and made over 45.000 check-ins. The expectations are that this year the volume of bookings and the client portfolio increase in, at least 40%. Given that the company has been studying the possibility of acquiring national and international portfolios, this growth can be even bigger! With a personalised management service, adapted to the client’s needs, LovelyStay stands out in the market because it offers complete management packages, which go from accompanying the process for obtaining an AL license to the property’s decoration and maximising the properties’ revenue.


LovelyStay has been on the Tourist Accommodation market since 2015, with a portfolio of over 850 properties in the medium-high segment spread around the country. With an extensive client portfolio, the company works with investors and accommodation owners who want to make their properties profitable, be it in great centres or in the towns and villages of the country. With offices in Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, and a total of over 80 employees, the company offers a professional and personalised service, according to the client’s needs, from remote, complete management, to consulting for various themes, from construction to price dynamics management, from interior design to hospitality.

Translated by Joana Teixeira