According to Eurostat, European statistics office, tourism has recovered in 2022, ending the year even closer to pre-COVID numbers. 2,72 billion nights were spent in tourist accommodations in the European Union (EU) this past year, only 5,6% below the pre-pandemic period. Portugal has ended 2022 above the European average, only about 1% below the 2019 numbers.

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The total number of nights spent in tourist accommodations in 2022 was 2,72 billion, compared to the 2,88 billion nights registered in 2019. Compared to the past few years, this value increases considerably, given that in 2020 there were 1,42 billion (+91,1%) and in 2021 1,83 billion (+48,3%) overnight stays.

We can notice that, during last year, the monthly numbers of the sector have continuously increased and gotten very close to the 2019 results, showing that tourism has recovered in 2022. Compared to the first trimester of 2019, the nights spent in tourist accommodations in the EU have registered a decrease of 11%, whereas in the second trimester a significantly lower decrease was observed (-1,9%).

Source: Eurostat

Eurostat’s data also show that, in 2022, the nights spent by international guests were closer to the 2019 levels – 1,19 billion nights in 2022, compared to 1,36 billion in 2019 (-12,6%). When it comes to nationals, the number of overnight stays increased 0,7% last year, when compared to 2019.

Among the European Union countries, the total number of nights spent in tourist accommodation by residents and non-residents increased in 2022, when compared to the pre-pandemic year, in Denmark (12,3%), in the Netherlands (3,9%) and in Belgium (0,5%). On the other side, there were countries which still haven’t recovered this past year, such as Latvia (-29,6%) and Slovakia (-28,3%).

Source: Eurostat

Source: Eurostat and

Translated by Joana Teixeira

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