From now on, all LovelyStay’s clients will have the possibility to join a special guarantee that covers any damages caused by guests or caused to their physical integrity, in amounts up to €3.7 million. Through a partnership with a platform specialized in offering protection guarantees against damages in touristic properties, LovelyStay revolutionizes the short-term rental market and brings to its partners an exclusive service available for all bookings.

This partnership was established with a tech and claims protection company that not only provides automatic protection of insured properties but also verifies the identity of guests before they even check-in, thus avoiding customers with a history of problems and helping prevent damage before it even happens. This intelligent screening is done quickly and securely, with guests undergoing a combination of data checks and also a biometric identity confirmation analysis.

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“We have studied various ways to bring extra security to our customers and found this partnership to be an ideal solution. We bring this novelty to all owners of low-cost tourist accommodation because we know that it is essential to have our rest and protection assured when we receive guests from around the world, without interfering with the profitability of the property,” says Miguel Marinho Soares, Head of Business Development at LoveyStay.

To sign up for this service is simple: LovelyStay, which already offers a personalized management, now has a premium management package in which, for an additional 5%, owners now have access to guest vetting services, automatic damage coverage and greater flexibility in contractual periods. The company’s goal is to extend this protection to a large portion of the many premium properties it has under its management.

“In business terms, this new service we are offering is transformative. The conventional use of security deposit amounts is almost never allowed by rental platforms, and also negatively impacts booking fees and property profitability by complicating payments, inflating prices and driving guests away. Our offering is unique in the marketplace, and can provide both automatic damage prevention and coverage, without interfering with the profitability of the properties or guest experience. Moreover, the efficient problem resolution will speed up the property’s return to the market and normal operation in case of incidents,” comments Marinho Soares.

The advantages for short-term rental owners extend beyond the specific guarantee against damages and are based on the security that the guest’s identity will be verified before any check-in, increasing the sense of responsibility and minimizing the number of negative occurrences.

If before it was necessary to go to the Airbnb or resolution center to try and get compensation for any damage caused by a guest, and even then without guarantees of recovering the amount of the loss, by hiring this new LovelyStay service the owner of the tourist accommodation will enjoy extra security when making the apartment available to the public. 

With this, LovelyStay comes out ahead in the short-term rental market and hopes to attract even more clients with personalized and differentiated services.



LovelyStay has been operating in the Touristic Accommodation market for over 7 years. With an extensive customer portfolio, the company works with investors and accommodation owners who want to make their properties profitable in large centers or rural areas of the country. With offices located in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, totalling about 60 employees, the company has a professional and personalized service, offering remote management, complete, and even consulting services for the most diverse topics, from construction to dynamic price management, from interior design to hospitality.

Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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