Is it already too early to talk about the most flowery time of the year? Of course not, after all, there is just over a month left for the arrival of Spring and there is certainly no shortage of options to take some trips. For those who want to discover more of the country and enjoy springtime in Portugal, this text is for you! Get to know 5 unmissable places and pack your bags.

1- Sintra

Sintra is beautiful all year round but presents a special color during Spring. Located very close to Lisbon, the old town is inserted in a microclimate caused by the Sintra mountain range and has a lot to offer to its visitors. Between walks through the historical areas, the mountains, or even its numerous parks and cafes, Sintra has all the ingredients for a beautiful weekend afternoon.

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2- Arouca

Have you ever heard about the Paiva Walkways? Famous for attracting more and more tourists all year round, the Passadiços do Paiva are located in Arouca and are about 1 hour drive from Porto. This path, located on the banks of the Paiva River, is about 8km long and is ideal for those who enjoy a nice walk in a place virtually untouched by man. Perfect for springtime in Portugal!

3- Tapada de Mafra

Created during the reign of King João V, after the construction of the Mafra Convent, as a leisure park for the King and his court, Tapada Nacional de Mafra is a huge garden, inserted in a forest and natural environment. It has 819 hectares totally protected by a historic wall 21 kilometers long, in an area occupied almost entirely by a green mantle where populations of wild animals cohabit in freedom. It is since 2019 a UNESCO World Heritage Site and deserves a visit with the whole family to enjoy the place.

4- Village of Piódão

Whoever said that Serra da Estela is only worth visiting during Winter is wrong! The village of Piódão is a clear example of a place to visit during springtime in Portugal. Unanimously considered one of the most beautiful places in the country, the village of Piódão seems isolated from the rest of the world. Among the small nooks and alleys, the schist houses “cozy up” and bring together a unique architecture.

5- Foz Côa

Tours along the Douro are interesting all year round, right?! Absolutely! But March is the month of the almond trees in bloom and the Côa valley, in the heart of the Alto Douro, is the right place to go on the Almond Tree Route. Besides the well-known cave paintings that made it most famous, Foz Côa is a very rich place in terms of culture and traditions. Be sure to visit the Côa Museum and enjoy the privileged landscape.


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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