There is still time to enjoy Porto in the summer, right? Absolutely! With the pandemic and the instability in tourism, many people decided to postpone their vacations to visit Portuguese cities in September and October. Thus, we can see that demand is increasing with the number of reservations we are receiving for these months.

Whether it’s to get away from the big crowds, to wait for the vaccine, or even to not catch such hot days, taking a vacation in September can be an excellent option and, therefore, we will present 5 unmissable tips on what to do in Porto in the summer. Want to know? Don’t miss out!

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Boat trip

The Douro River is emblematic and gives an extra charm to the city. It is possible to take a short tour where you pass by the 6 bridges of the city. Or, for those who have more time, it is possible to go up to the Douro vineyards and take an unforgettable trip to Peso da Régua – the area where some of the most important wine regions in the North of Portugal are located. It takes a whole day, but it is worth it!

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Porto’s riverfront

Enjoying Porto in the summer necessarily requires a leisurely stop at Ribeira. With several options of cafes and restaurants, this is where you have the most emblematic view of the city. When crossing the Dom Luís I Bridge towards Vila Nova de Gaia, you can appreciate the city in a unique way.


Of course, summer also rhymes with beach, doesn’t it? For those who go by car, we recommend enjoying the beaches in Vila Nova de Gaia, such as Praia da Madalena. For those who want to walk and enjoy the encounter of the river and the ocean, we recommend the beaches at Foz do Porto. Or, also known for all its seafood restaurants, the beach of Matosinhos is easily accessible by bus or subway.


Obviously, parks are open all year round, but – especially in the summer – they are a great option for picnics or walks with the family. The City Park is very central and the largest in the city. But we can also mention the Crystal Palace, a very beautiful place where its gardens, besides being well cared for, have a view over the city that attracts tourists and residents alike.

Tours in tourist buses

The center of Porto is not that big, but with so many hillsides and monuments, buying a touristic bus tour can be an excellent option for those who want to understand a little more of the local architecture, without walking too much. Especially when the trip happens in the summer, it ends up being a very pleasant and less tiring ride.

Extra tip!

If you have some extra time in the Invicta, we advise you to visit Braga, Guimarães, or Aveiro for just one day. These are cities close to Porto and that certainly deserves special attention.


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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