Although Portugal is a small country, it has a great diversity of landscapes and tourism options. Whether for those who love mountains, beaches, countryside, wineries, or even for those who want to stay in a more hidden village to enjoy rural tourism. In fact, there are many ways to stay very well hosted and away from the big centers.

Over more than a year of expanding its business portfolio, today LovelyStay has properties all over the country. By covering more of this market niche, the company is able to offer to its clients – guests, and also to its clients – Local Accommodation owners, the possibility to professionalize a market that is still not much covered by large companies: that of rural tourism.

Knowing the importance for the sector, for the various areas of the country, and for having a growing market, exploring more the country’s interior is an excellent opportunity to get to know all the nooks and crannies that Portugal has.

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“The idea of doing property management all over the country started in 2019. With the sudden pandemic situation, we realized even more than rural and internal tourism was a growing reality. Whether it was to escape from the big centers, relax in a beautiful village/village, or for having the possibility to enjoy vacations in big houses with swimming pools, investing in this segment was very important for the growth of the sector. Today we manage almost 40 properties located outside the big urban centers and we can be sure that this is making a difference for the company – and it’s only the beginning!”, guarantees LovelyStay’s Head of Business Development, Miguel Marinho Soares.

Do you want to know three excellent properties spread around the Portuguese countryside that will please all tastes? Take a look at what we have separated!

Casa Guimas 

Do you want to take a getaway to the North of Portugal? We present this excellent property located near Penafiel. With 4 equipped rooms, rustic decoration, and a pool with a privileged view, this villa will certainly please everyone. With a maximum occupancy for up to 10 people, we can already imagine a place for an incredible vacation, don’t you think?

Bee Moinho

Moving a little further south, we find this excellent house in Mafra. Located in the village of Sobral da Abelheira, this property offers the possibility of accommodation inside an old mill that has been completely renovated and adapted. An immersion of a unique experience that only rural tourism can allow. Ideal for a couple, this accommodation certainly deserves your visit!

Veloso Village Douro Valley

For those who go with friends or even family to enjoy wine tourism near the Douro River, this property is ideal. With a mix between rustic and modern. The old and the renewed. This property located in São João da Pesqueira comfortably accommodates up to 7 guests in its facilities. Elegant and cozy, be sure to know more and live this experience.


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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