With the pandemic, often the option to travel abroad is not always feasible, whether it is for precaution, the instability of the moment, or even our economy. Domestic tourism can be an excellent opportunity to explore more of the country and enjoy the summer in Portugal.

We know that Portugal is one of the most sought-after European countries for summer vacations. Among the English, Germans, and many French, the country is an excellent option to enjoy the nice sunny and warm days. With affordable prices, excellent food, and landscapes for all tastes, it is not difficult to know the reasons behind so much demand. But for those who live here, or for those who intend to travel around the country, this text is for you! Spend a summer in Portugal and fall in love with all the landscapes. 

In our tips, we will avoid the obvious, i.e. the most popular cities and areas! We want you to get to know Portugal and enjoy several places in the country.

1- Alentejo Coast

Alentejo is the largest region in the country. Known for different landscapes, the Alentejo Coast does not disappoint those who want to spend their summer vacation in Portugal. Sought after for its beautiful beaches and outdoor activities, it attracts everything from surfers, naturists, fishermen, divers and, of course, tourists!

The beaches are, for the most part, wild and extensive. Therefore, there is room for all kinds of travelers who want to spend their time there, enjoying the views provided by the rocky cliffs and wonderful dunes.

2- Alentejo – inland

Moving away from the beaches, we have the Alentejo inland. Because it is a very extensive region, the landscapes are easily diversified. In the interior, one can appreciate the plains and many (many!) olive trees and vineyards. Famous for its delicious olive oils and exceptional wines, in this area, you can find several castles, historic towns, and villages, very typical architecture, and a cuisine that is to die for.

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3- Upper Douro Wine Region

The Alto Douro is famous for its vineyard landscapes. And there are lots of them! For tourism for two, this option is excellent. By the river, it is possible to visit several villages, do wine tourism, and also enjoy delicious restaurants. The region has several viewpoints that will make your trip even more unforgettable. The important thing is to take your time. The Alto Douro deserves to be appreciated, just like a good glass of wine.

4- Gerês

For adventure lovers, Gerês is the right option to enjoy Summer in Portugal. Ideal to go on the hottest days, the region is known as Peneda Gerês National Park. With crystal clear waterfalls, it is possible to climb some rocks, go hiking and enjoy nature.

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There are many reasons to enjoy summer in Portugal! What is the place you are most curious to visit?

Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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