For those who are from the North, or the Center of the country, and do not intend to go too far to the South of Portugal to enjoy the famous beaches of Algarve, this text is for you! Because we recognize that we have a great diversity of options for the summer, we will present in this post 3 options of unmissable beaches in the Alentejo Coast for those who want to drive less miles!

The Alentejo, famous for its wines and olive oils, has much more to offer: its idyllic beaches. If your goal is to enjoy the summer near the sea, know that the Alentejo Coast can be an excellent option, especially for domestic tourism. 

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Well, let’s get to the point? Get to know 3 beach options in Alentejo:

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1- Zambujeira do Mar 

Zambujeira do Mar is probably one of the most famous beaches of the Alentejo coast. Surrounded by high cliffs, from there you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean. With a rough sea, it has excellent conditions for surfing and bodyboarding. At the northern end of the beach, situated on the cliff, is the Chapel of Our Lady of the Sea, with a privileged view of the coast.

The village has less than 1000 inhabitants, a quiet center, whitewashed houses, stores, and family restaurants. Definitely worth a visit!

2- Vila Nova de Milfontes

Another famous beach in the region is Vila Nova de Milfontes. Located in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, this beach is known as the “Princess of the Alentejo”. The village is very charming and is full of white houses, plus it has a Fortress in the center – which allows for fantastic views of the Mira River and Furnas Beach. Ideal for those who want to enjoy a good beach, but away from all the hustle and bustle of the Algarve. With amazing natural beauties, in the region it is possible to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of the Alentejo coast.

3- Melides

If your goal is to be closer to the center of the country, Melides is a perfect option! Located just over an hour from Lisbon, the village offers an excellent experience on the Alentejo coast: a good beach and good food. Considered the “new Comporta”, Melides is the right refuge for those who want to enjoy an extensive sandy beach, go horse riding, and enjoy a place where life passes in a calm and pleasant way. 


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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