Aveiro is a beautiful coastal city that has earned the title of Portuguese Venice. This is because the city has several rias and offers rides on the moliceiros – those charming colorful boats. But if you think that the place does not have many leisure options, you are wrong! To visit Aveiro can be an enriching experience.

Located 75 km from Porto, the city is easily accessible by car, train, and bus. For those who have little time, going and returning on the same day from Porto is an excellent option. For those who intend to visit Aveiro, in this text we will give you 5 tips on unmissable tours. See below!

1- Riding a moliceiro through the canals of Aveiro

Of course, the most famous attraction needed to be the first on the list. Riding a moliceiro is something extremely pleasant and that deserves to be on your itinerary. The ride takes about 45 minutes and is done with a guide who tells a bit of the local history.

Just like in Venice, the historical center is cut by a few canals that are enough to give a particular charm to the city. It was there that, connecting the Ria de Aveiro and the sea, ensured that the city prospered. It is also possible to cross some bridges on foot to reach the most touristic part of the city.

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2- Getting to know the houses of Costa Nova

One of Aveiro’s postcards is the colorful houses of Costa Nova, a beach area of the city. As the story goes, the fishermen who lived in this region started painting their houses so that it would be possible to recognize them from afar, when they returned from their trip on the high seas. Today, some of the wooden buildings remain as houses; others have become restaurants and more touristy establishments. All of them, however, are beautiful and worth a visit.

3- Try “ovos moles”

Visiting Aveiro means enjoying its most famous specialty: ovos moles. Although they are famous all over the country, the city is known for having the best ones, which are kind of a wafer filled with egg jam. Do you feel like trying them?

4- Walk through the historical center

If you visit Aveiro, be sure to stroll through the historic center, which is very colorful and welcoming. Besides the canals, as mentioned above, you can enjoy the Art Nouveau style buildings, visit the Fish Market and relax in the Praça 14 de Julho, one of the best places in town to sit and watch the flow of people passing by.

5- Enjoy the beach

This walk is best suited, of course, to be done during the hottest days. The two closest options to the center of Aveiro are Praia da Barra and Costa Nova. Praia da Barra is famous for its lighthouse, one of the tallest in Portugal, and for being the place where the Ria de Aveiro meets the sea. Costa Nova is appreciated for having a long stretch of white sand and some kiosks, which guarantee excellent hours of rest by the sea.

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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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