Having a profitable short-term rental is, without a doubt, the biggest goal of those who put a property up for short-term rental. Apart from investing in decoration, equipment, and comfort, it is very important to be an excellent host on Airbnb, after all, the key to success also involves having the ability to establish a good relationship with guests.

As specialists in short-term rental, we spoke to our Head of Hospitality, Duarte Ramalho, who explains the importance of knowing how to be a good host. Some tips are foolproof to become an excellent host for your Airbnb. Read carefully our full interview and turn your property into a successful business!

LovelyStay – What are the most important tips for a property owner to become an excellent host on Airbnb? And how to improve the guest experience in the flat? 

Duarte Ramalho – To be an excellent host on Airbnb it is not enough to have the desire to be so. First of all, we must ask if our home meets the local requirements and the expectations of the majority of guests, and if so, then we can continue.

There are some things that need to be ensured in order for the essential conditions to exist. Here are some tips that will help you to be an excellent host, enhancing the future guest experience:

  • Is my home safe?
    Ensure it meets local safety standards – electricity, water, gas, fire, accessibility, etc.
  • Is my house adapted for AL?
    Have the necessary equipment and materials for a stay of one, three, seven, or more nights, such as the necessary electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, laundry, and cleaning equipment. Preferably choose materials that are resistant, easily washable, and easy to replace.
  • Is my home comfortable?
    It is very important to prepare the property with air conditioning equipment for all seasons of the year. Decorate the house with comfortable and pleasant furniture and materials (quality mattresses, hot water with capacity for the occupation, adequate and, preferably, more yellow lighting, etc.)
  • Does my house have any flaws or weaknesses?
    Resolve the fragilities of the house definitively – all houses have their fragilities and weak points. We should consider that with normal use and turnover, wear and tear tend to highlight these weaknesses, so it is essential to resolve these points in order to avoid a negative impact on guest stays.

Furthermore, success is also based on:

  • Effective communication – communication is one of the elements most valued by guests. Constant availability allows quick and quality communication, providing immediate support throughout the stay, especially when an incident arises. A professional company can ensure that this type of service is provided with the best quality;
  • Guarantee a good night’s sleep. In fact, this is the main objective and, for this, it is worth investing in the right material: mattress and pillows;
  • Understand that occupation means revenue, but also wear and tear. The normal wear and tear of the operation should be foreseen and the respective maintenance assured. Maintenance should be preventive and not corrective, as this leads to dissatisfied guests and possible cancellations;
  • Offer a self-check-in service at the property, enabling check-in at any time of the day;
  • Create small leisure areas throughout the house: little hideaways where guests can feel comfortable reading a book, relaxing or sunbathing. Think about how you can create these small cosy corners.

This is where LovelyStay, with a large team of professionals with experience in the industry, can help you analyze your home’s potential, implement improvements and ensure attention and care for both guests and your property.

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LS – How important is it to have people with a background in hospitality managing the property? And how can a specialised company be a differentiating factor?  

DR – Very important. People who are trained and have experience in the hospitality area will probably present a profile that is more adapted to the needs of the sector. Not only do they understand and respect its specific characteristics, but they also have, by nature, an interest in helping, satisfying, and supporting others, without expecting anything in return. Hospitality is knowing how to receive, serve and help with excellence. With or without face-to-face service, the feeling of knowing how to receive is very important for our guests during their stay. That is why, in the Hospitality department, we have a dedicated team of professionals with training, experience in the sector, and a genuine interest in our guests who, on a daily basis, guarantee quality service with the right dose of discretion.

In addition, a specialized company brings together various types of collaborators with different expertise. It is a challenge to bring all this knowledge together in a single host and still have a constant availability to give the support that guests need and demand.

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LS – How to deal well with the guests, even the most demanding ones?

DR – At LovelyStay we deal with an average of 30 000 guests a year, which gives us a considerable amount of experience in this matter. We know that each person is unique and, as such, we treat each guest in a personalized way. Having a trained, dedicated, professional team with a genuine interest in the client makes this daily challenge a simple task.

Throughout the stay, our team is always available to meet the needs that arise from the guests, even the most demanding. It is how we respond that is the most memorable indicator of service and hospitality. If there is a more challenging interaction with a guest, communication style is key and can help find a solution that works well for all parties.

LS – Many people feel that with self-check-in, the role of a host ends up being lesser. Is it possible to be an excellent host on Airbnb even without having direct contact with guests?

DR – Yes, we have many examples in our portfolio that show that this is a trend in check-in service and that it adds positively to the experience. In the current landscape, where social distancing and compliance with sanitary rules are called for, this system of check-ins reassures guests. The benefits of a digital self-check-in system are numerous, allowing us to make the property more secure and cost-effective for owners, and more comfortable for guests. We suggest the Nuki digital locking system because of its affordable price, ease of installation, and because we have developed a computer integration between our dashboard and the equipment, allowing codes to be generated automatically, giving total control and security of access to the property. Of the added value of this investment, we highlight the availability of check-ins 24 hours a day, at no extra cost to the guest (generating a greater sales potential), the possibility of accepting last-minute reservations, and the registration and control of access by cleaning and maintenance partners.

In order to make up for a possible lack of contact with guests, we have increased the number of follow-ups, phone calls, and messages throughout the stay, so as to show that we are still present and available. All with the certainty that our work is essential to the success of the apartment


Did you like these tips? Keep following us. If you are looking for a specialized company to manage your local accommodation, talk to us! With over 6 years in the market and managing over 450 properties all over the country, we are sure we are the ideal solution for you. Our email address is: sales@lovelystay.com.

Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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