As indeed happens in any sector where you deal directly with the public, also in short-term rental it is normal that customers are more inclined to write comments, or reviews, when they are intended as a negative criticism. 

Many guests who really liked the flat and enjoyed their stay end up putting it off until oblivion and end up not leaving a comment about their experience on the platforms. Whereas when something goes wrong, a negative comment quickly appears which considerably lowers the rating of the property. Of course, no one can force the client to leave a review, but how to get a positive feedback? Below are some tips.

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1- Have a unique and pleasant interior design

Everyone likes to arrive and find a different, holiday looking environment that causes a good feeling. Design can help many guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. And it is not even necessary to spend a lot to make the flat cosier, just invest in creating a pleasant environment.

2- Invest in real photos of the property

Arriving at a space and finally realizing that the photos look like something much better than reality is a recipe for disappointment. Therefore, try to show guests how the property truly is. Sure, we need pretty pictures that enhance the Airbnb ad, but never advertise something that doesn’t match what’s there. This way, the guest doesn’t feel cheated, and the possibility of leaving positive feedback increases.

3- Communication is the key to the business

Naturally, there will be clients who are more or less demanding, who ask for more attention, those who have more questions and even guests who ask for specific things. Always be attentive and be pleasant, after all, good communication is essential to making your local accommodation an even greater hit.

4- Monitor the most satisfied guests

With good communication with guests, you can notice which customers are the most satisfied and can certainly leave positive feedback on the platform. Therefore, talk to them directly and encourage them to write a comment since this is really very important for the success of your accommodation.

5- Be an available host

The most interesting thing about Airbnb is precisely having a close contact with those who manage the property. So, always be willing to help, take questions or even perform any maintenance, however simple it may be. Everything to offer guests a unique experience and, who knows, to obtain more positive comments!


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares