With the number of people infected with the coronavirus decreasing, the government has already adopted deconfinement measures in Portugal. These measures, which began on March 15 and have several phases until May 3, mainly cover basic services, schools, daycare centers, museums, small stores, and restaurants.

In general, as far as international tourism is concerned, we expect to start receiving visitors from May onwards. But for our Spanish neighbors, this timeframe will most likely shorten a bit more and we can expect the borders to open from mid-April, if all goes according to plan. The number of cases is still fluctuating and it is difficult to count on international tourism at the moment.

The British, for example, represent one of the largest volumes of tourists we receive in Portugal, especially during the summer. If in mid-March the British Government gave hope that this year those who took the vaccine or had a negative Covid test result would be able to travel, less than a week later this expectation was shattered, and apparently the population of England will not be able to travel before the middle of the year.

So, just like last year, the initial hope for tourism is coming from our country. In other words, once again, we will rely on domestic tourism which was extremely expressive and important for a partial recovery of tourism still in 2020. Everyone is tired of being at home, and with the arrival of spring, good temperatures and a more pleasant climate are very inviting for a different weekend. Whether it is to get to know a new region, look for accommodation far from the big centers, or even explore the main cities of the country without being crowded with tourists from all over.

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Domestic tourism is a reality and is very important not only for the sector, but also for the restaurant industry, which may already see a light at the end of the tunnel in April. With the deconfinement process in Portugal, and with restrictions on opening hours and number of months, restaurants will start to operate again, which also ensures some increased movement in other various sectors. 

We even talked about the preference of Portuguese tourists with the focus on domestic tourism. See more at the link!

The year 2020 was definitely very challenging. But, at the same time, it was the year when the Portuguese could get to know more of Portugal. To enjoy our vacations, there was no need to take a plane, for example, because a car or a train was enough to explore and discover even more about our country. The profile of tourism has changed, and so has the profile of the tourists. Many people want to take vacations and go to less crowded places, and also the demand for independent check-in has grown dramatically. With this, AL has gained more strength, since being in hotels means having contacts with more people, among other factors that have driven marked changes in tourism trends.

So, while we are still in the process of deconfinement in Portugal, our expectation is still domestic tourism. People who have not had the opportunity to take vacations at other times will probably enjoy the spring and summer here. And if this is your case, get to know our more than 350 properties spread all over the country. LovelyStay manages properties for all tastes, pockets, and types. Click here and get to know all our stay options.

Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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