Dare to venture out and get to know more of Portugal! In the midst of a pandemic, tourism needed to reinvent itself and, with it, a new way of enjoying a trip without taking risks or facing large crowds was born. That Portugal goes far beyond Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, we already know. What about tourists? Do they know the country properly?

With borders opening and the return to a “new normal”, the proposal is to explore the most varied environments and get to know non-urban places, with less movement and little concentration of people. There are countless villages and towns that have adequate structures to receive tourists but, on the other hand, have been little explored. We talk about the Costa Vicentina, Dornes, Ponte de Lima, among other places which are beautiful, rich in culture and diverse landscapes.

Recently we wrote a text on tourism in Portugal after Coronavirus, see more in this link.

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Domestic tourism remains an important bet to overcome the crisis and make the Portuguese enjoy the summer without having to go to airports and travel by plane. The Algarve is still the most desired destination for the Portuguese, but if before the focus was to enjoy the crowded beaches, today we see a calmer tourism, where stays outside the big centers gain more strength.

The beautiful views of the Alentejo, the peace and quiet of the villages near the Douro River and adventures through the various waterfalls of Gerês. The need to experience new atmospheres does not cease to exist, but is reformulated. After so many days locked up at home, tourists now want to enjoy the good weather safely. This may be very important in terms of the country’s internal growth because the sector is expanding and more places are being sought out and rediscovered by both Portuguese and foreigners.


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