With the short-term rental market continually expanding, many properties are popping up for all tastes and pockets. But how to stand out among so many apartments? Besides betting on differentiators to make your property attractive to guests, the idea is to offer a unique experience on Airbnb to get good reviews, become a successful host and increase your profitability. Want to learn more? Check out our tips!

Excellent wifi

Nowadays, everyone needs the Internet for almost everything. Especially when you are in a different country or city, having excellent wifi inside the property is a must not least because there are guests who stay for a weekend and guests who extend their stay for much longer. So hire an internet service that is sufficient to cover the entire property and that allows people to work and enjoy their leisure time without mishaps.

We’ve already talked about medium-term stays. Especially with the pandemic, renting out your local accommodation for longer periods can be a great option to monetize your property. Want to know more? Check the link!

Welcome Kit

Who doesn’t like to arrive at an Airbnb and find a little treat to welcome you? The welcome kit can be a wine, a typical local product, coffee capsules, fruit, or anything else that has a positive impact on the guests’ first impression. The investment does not have to be high, but attitude counts a lot in this situation. If the first impression is what sticks, invest in it! After all, it’s things like this that turn your guests’ stay into a unique Airbnb experience. 

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Easy Check-In

Having the ability to check-in at any time of the day makes choosing a property much easier. With flights at different times, staying in an accommodation where there is no restriction on arrival time is an important point to consider. Not to mention that because it is not necessary to have contact with anyone, in times of pandemic it is something highly valued. We recently talked about autonomous check-in. Didn’t catch it? Click here.


With luggage restrictions, not everyone has room to carry some items like shampoo and soap. So, leaving these products in your house is really nice so that guests don’t have to worry about buying them to use only for a few days. These are the exact details that can provide a unique Airbnb experience to your guests.

Bet on air-conditioned spaces

Winter in Portugal can be very harsh. Likewise, in the summer the country can reach very high temperatures. So that your property can welcome guests with comfort during any season of the year, invest in an air conditioner that works both for warmth and refrigeration. Investing in this type of equipment is important to attract more guests and ensure everyone’s well-being.


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares