With the new confinement, all short-term rental owners are afraid of the future of tourism and many other sectors are being affected by the new wave of the pandemic. As cases of the coronavirus are increasing, and since the government has established a curfew, naturally the little tourism we still have has suffered a further decline. But it is in situations such as this that we need to reinvent ourselves. And one way to make your property profitable right now is to invest in medium-term stays. See in this piece how to improve your short-term rental!

The rental market for a maximum period of 6 months is not over, on the contrary! Today we find an even wider niche: health professionals who can’t stay at home, people who want to stay isolated, others who prefer to work in a different environment, and even people who have to move between cities and start looking for homes for a short period of time.

Of course, profitability will not be the same, but it will be more stable and will certainly help to overcome this crisis in some way. First of all, investing and improving your local accommodation can be an asset to convince this type of client. After all, when guests look for apartments for a longer period of time, some amenities have to be in place. If before a tourist apartment didn’t need a closet, in this type of rental the tenant will certainly need one.

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There are several options of simple and affordable closets that will meet the needs of your guests. Some are movable and light, not taking up so much space nor interfering with the decoration. But if a closet is not an option, buying a dresser with 6 to 8 drawers is undoubtedly a good alternative. Besides, it is an investment that remains for the future.

Another point always requested and that can be a good way to improve your short-term rental is to invest in a washing machine. Many properties have space for such equipment, but many owners prefer not to buy it because they consider it unnecessary. But know that besides being essential for medium stays, more and more guests are asking for and looking for properties that have a washing machine. This is because airlines have reduced their baggage limit, and tourists travel with few pieces of clothing. 

And another equipment we are adding to the list is the oven. Yes! Especially during the pandemic, with restaurants closed or with schedule limitations, an oven is important. If you don’t have space, forget those big and built-in ovens. A small electric oven will satisfy the needs of your guests and your investment will be very small. All to help in this difficult time, without spending too much!

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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares


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