With the instability that the pandemic has caused in tourism, many local accommodation owners have seen the rate of return on their properties drop tremendously. The first big shock happened at the beginning of March and lasted until June, but at this moment we are witnessing another big drop in tourism all over the world. But if in times of crisis the solution is to reinvent, with AL this could not be any different. With many borders still closed, tourism was reduced and owners of apartments and Airbnb management companies looked for new solutions: medium term stays duration.

It is not new to anyone that Airbnb has revolutionized the accommodation market in the world. With this platform, the market has become much more accessible to the most diverse audiences and, at the same time, we are following the emergence of an even more professional segment. The Airbnb, or Local Accommodation, forced hotels and inns to improve their service and, with the official inclusion of apartments in the tourist sector, owners began to invest in their properties as well.

Decoration, comfort, quality and excellent service, were the commanding words that turned some properties into a successful business! For those looking to have a medium term stay in a totally equipped property, this is THE option, Learn more about this type of rental.

We have already talked in another article about the advantages and disadvantages of an owner accepting medium term stays. See more here.

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For guests: advantages and disadvantages of staying on an Airbnb for longer


Airbnb-types are fully equipped and prepared to receive guests. When the intention is to have a stay of medium duration, this option is extremely advantageous because there will be zero need to make any large investment to have everything you need in your home. Not to mention that the guest will not need to worry about paying for television, internet and water or electricity, since all utilities will be in the name of the owner of the house and included in the accommodation price. Furthermore, an Airbnb apartment is usually very well located, with good access by car and public transport which makes it easier to travel and explore and, with the growing trends of remote work sponsored by digital nomads, they are often very work-friendly and management companies even can provide you with concierge or cleaning services for a small extra. 

“For those looking for medium term stays, especially in this time of pandemic, Airbnb accommodations are the only smart option. With the tourism market gone for the winter, whoever is going on a longer business trip, a study program abroad or if you simply need a space to get a way from your problems, or even if you are a healthcare professional who wants to isolate themselves, you can find incredible and incredibly priced solutions by checking out this interesting new niche market, while supporting local tourism entrepreneurs” says Miguel Marinho Soares.


The flexibility which allows you to rent it out for a month or two or even the Summer, can also increase the prices as the owners can’t be count on a full year’s rent from the get go. Also, there is always the feeling that, even though the house is already complete, there is something missing which we would like to have and that we could use in our day-to-day life, but we end up not buying it in order not to make any more investments in a house that is not ours. And, of course, an Airbnb property, no matter how welcoming it is, it is never our own which after a while might leave you homesick for your own taste and design. On the other hand, if you just fall head over heels for your rental, too bad. You probably can’t stay that much longer.

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Look for apartments which are managed by specialized companies

Nowadays, it is very easy to place your property online. But, unfortunately, not everyone has the time and skillset to deal with guests and work with them to meet their needs. From this new market, several companies have emerged to manage short and mid-term rentals and this professionalization of the sector is of paramount importance in order to give more security to the guests and ensure a service of enhanced excellence.

“LovelyStay is the leading Portuguese company in the premium segment of short-term rentals. With over 300 properties spread throughout the country, the proposal is to ensure a unique experience for our guests by provinding the market with high quality apartments. For those seeking accommodation, especially at this time when we are receiving longer stays, being able to count on a company that takes care of everything for you throughout the entire length of your stay is a privilege guests value”, guarantees Miguel Marinho Soares.

All things considered, before choosing any kind of place to stay, it is very important to analyze the conditions of the property, as well as who is behind its management. Look for companies that secure a contract for the period of your stay, who will handle all payment and deposits. Choose someone who will be quick in answering you if you have any maintenance problem or the need for an urgent repair. Importantly, do not settle for poorly decorated or run-down properties and make sure to research all their comments and online reviews if you want to avoid turning your stay into a headache! If you’re confident you can do all of these things, then go ahead and turn into a digital nomad – there’s no better place to do it from than Portugal.


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