With the most desired season of the year taking place, what you feel most like is outdoor strolls in Porto and enjoy the good weather in the most varied places. What is common among Portuguese and visitors during this season of the year is exactly that: to leave home and enjoy the options that these charming streets have to offer. But besides the summer, the pandemic has brought an extra motivation for people to enjoy the warmth in open environments and with less risk of contamination and crowding.

For those who are thinking of getting to know the city, it is important to point out that Porto has several outdoor attractions that will make any tourist want to return. Therefore, we have separated five spots for those who want to visit the Invicta in safety.

Arrábida Bridge Arch

Did you know it’s possible to climb the Arrábida Bridge arch? This excellent tour, available since 2016, has become the only one in Europe open to visitors. It is an ideal opportunity for those who love adrenaline and also want to see the Douro River from a higher point. See more information on the official website.

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Crystal Palace

The gardens of the Crystal Palace, besides being very well preserved, have a view of the city that attracts tourists and residents. For those who want to read a book outdoors, listen to music, chat with friends or just take a walk, the Crystal Palace is a great option. Located still in a central area of the city, it is easily accessible by car and bus.

Parque da Cidade

An outdoor strolls in Porto is ideal for the whole family and all ages. In the Parque da Cidade (City Park) it is possible to have picnics, walks, enjoy the landscape or simply visit a place that is between Porto and Matosinhos. Excellent option for sunny days.

Jardim do Morro

With a panoramic and spectacular view of Porto, Jardim do Morro receives visitors from everywhere. It is exactly on the other side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and therefore has a unique view of the city. It is a mandatory and ideal stop for those who want to enjoy the sunset with a landscape worthy of a frame.

Boat trip

Nothing more typical than strolling along the Douro River by boat. Whether it’s to get to know all six bridges or even to explore a little more of the immense river. Definitely, this is an excellent option for a tour in the open air in Porto. This summer, don’t waste the opportunity and take time out for a worthwhile leisure trip!

We can still mention the historical centre of Porto, the Jardins das Virtudes, the Praça do Marquês, the Museu de Serralves and several other options to enjoy outdoors in Porto. At this moment, the important thing is to enjoy the good weather in safety and tranquility.

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