We are facing the biggest social and financial crisis of recent times. The pandemic has taken everyone by surprise and the tourism market is looking for ways to survive. Even though the following months don’t seem very encouraging for international tourism, the bet now has to be on receiving visitors from all over our country.

When coronavirus cases stabilize and internal borders officially open for the summer, the next step will be to explore the lands of Camões. According to an interview with LovelyStay’s CEO, William Tonnard, given to Publituris (see the full piece on the link), “the recovery will take place in three phases: first domestic tourism, then EU citizens (short distance) and the third phase will include travellers from South America / USA / Asia, which will take longer until it is comfortable for them to travel long distances”.

Still according to the CEO, as Portugal is being quite efficient in combating the new coronavirus, this will be a relevant factor for travelers who will seek the country as a summer destination later this year when the crisis ends. It is only a matter of time before people start leaving home and recognize that there are excellent landscapes, North to South,  ready to host visitors.

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Later this year, Algarve will see the return of many Portuguese people who miss the late afternoons at sea, but there is a real opportunity for the more hidden and least populated places. While the second phase does not begin, we will rediscover the Douro, the Alentejo, the windy beaches of the North, Gerês and the Costa Vicentina.  It is the proposal of domestic tourism that many companies and clients are relying on to combat this crisis. 

Getting through the crisis

LovelyStay has broadened its scope of action and now offers specialized management services throughout the country starting at a 10% commission. By facilitating property management, we want to support entrepreneurs across the country to raise their businesses again. To lear more, send us an email at sales@lovelystay.com

Mid-term bookings

Even so, and as a way to cover an ever-expanding market, LovelyStay is betting on short/medium term reservations, in order to make ends meet and overcome the pandemic in the best way. In addition, the company has made many of its properties available free of charge to healthcare professionals in service. For more information, please contact: fightcovid@lovelystay.com.


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