With high temperatures coming, the Portuguese begin to imagine a perfect holiday plan: beach, warmth and good times. With the pandemic, some destinations of interest have changed and now the bet is to invest in local tourism. And, nothing more pleasant than spending a few days enjoying the warm sea in the Algarve. If this region has always been one of the most sought after places by the Portuguese in the summer, this year it is likely to be even more so, as international trips are not part of the itinerary. People are tired of being at home and looking for an Airbnb inside the country is a viable option.

On 26th May, LovelyStay held a first Webinar addressing the Algarve region and the preparation for the recovery, focused on the new tourism paradigm. After coronavirus, people and businesses need to adapt to the new needs of tourists and the sector. Investing in national tourism and taking advantage of the immense opportunities the country provides, can be a profitable and attractive business.

During the meeting, Valentina Sofijanic, Head of Business Development at LovelyStay, stressed that “Airbnb’s supply is greater than demand, that is, only a few apartments will get reservations this summer. This means that we will have to reinvent ourselves to overcome this crisis. Betting on self check-in (digicode) is a trend that has been going on since January and is gaining even more strength now,” she said.

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With summer knocking on the door of all the Portuguese, many take the opportunity to change their environment and work closer to the sea or even far away from the big centres. “We’re getting longer bookings in the Algarve, which means people who aren’t always on holiday, but who can, want to change their scenery right now. Furthermore, we’ve realised that rural tourism is on the rise, as people are looking for quieter, more unoccupied environments”, Valentina comments.

For houses with more private spaces, such as a swimming pool and garden, the demand is even greater. All to avoid public contact. But for properties that don’t have that possibility, investing in comfortable beds, pleasant and renovated environments, efficient internet and amenities can make your property more competitive. And not to mention investment in digi-locks, which represents a convenience and security for both the guest and the owner. To ensure more bookings, it is also important to be more flexible in your cancellation policy.

According to Bernardo Trevisani, Product Manager at Visit Portugal USA, “at this stage of the pandemic the proposal is not to promote Portugal but to strengthen it. We have been working on the brand for a long time, with large government investments divided into various segments and regions of the country. The various initiatives that have been created at this stage may be important to gain tourists’ confidence and maintain the Portugal brand in the medium/long term. As a tourist destination, if we follow all the rules, it is synonymous with trust. And confidence is built over time”.

For Diogo Costa Reis, Webinar moderator and Algarve Regional Manager at LovelyStay, “we are prepared and following the necessary rules. The recovery will be gradual”. The opening of the borders with Spain may be an important sign of the gradual return of tourism in the country, although it is very important to be aware that this has to happen slowly and safely.

The market is expanding and people will adapt. Now is the time to reinvent ourselves and tourism will be a key sector for getting out of the crisis. It is important to respect the rules to keep our Portugal brand intact.


Rural and habitation tourism

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