The stay is over – but the relationship does not have to be. Customer acquisition is a difficult task in all industries, which is why investing in the cultivation of repeat guests is a priority for all, especially those in the short-term rental sector.

To travelers who book your apartment for the first time, yours is just one in a sea of thousands. To current and past guests, however, you have a great opportunity to convince them that your apartment is unique and worth booking again. You have an opportunity to impress them and create a lasting relationship, and lets us explain how;

1. Personalize their experience

There are several small measures you can take to get to have your guests get to know you better. These include; preparing a welcome basket with a personalized note wishing them a lovely stay, giving them restaurant or travel recommendations, checking in occasionally to ensure that the apartment is up to par with their requirements. Taking such measures can make your guests feel they are being cared for, and trust you to accommodate them on their next trip to your city!

2. Go the Extra Mile

Give guests exactly what they paid for; the comfortable bed to sleep in, the additional amenities listed on your property page online, the coffee cups and perhaps a small surprise including a free bottle of wine and a welcome note! Doing so can certainly make a vacation feel even more special for the guest.

It’s quite clear that welcome baskets making every guest happy – one reason why we provided them ourselves some of our top properties – and make them feel like you take pride in what you do and you are invested in making their stay memorable. Other efforts could include making your flat child-friendly by having books, high-chairs, and cribs; work-friendly by having a desk space; and enabling did-code access to make things simpler for both you and your guests!

3. Communication is Key

From the very first inquiry, you should be actively providing assistance to your guests to show them that you are available for them 24/7. All travelers want to make every moment of their holiday count, especially those coming from miles away. Unfortunate mishaps, wi-fi issues and more always occur, for one reason or the other. Showing the guests that you value their time with prompt responses and eagerness to resolve issues will help these situations feel less troubling and lead to a more positive review.

Travelers want to make every moment of their vacation count, which means they don’t want to sit around waiting for assistance when the WiFi goes out or they can’t figure out how to work the oven. Show them that they’ve got your ear every step of the way.

4. Offer Discounts That Are Hard to Resist

During check-out, offer guests an incentive to book with you again in the future by offering them booking discounts exclusive only to returning guests! One great perk of doing this is that they needn’t use a booking platform such as Airbnb to book their next stay! This way, you can avoid OTA fees by sending them straight to your website for direct bookings!

We at LovelyStay are taking several measures to ensure that guests keep coming back to us on their next trip to Lisbon – as a result of the suggestions mentioned above and more, we have been quite successful!

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Written By: Ismat Ara Khan.



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