Get to know the Madeira island, a true paradise in the middle of the Atlantic. If you’re planning on visiting this wonderful destination, get ready to be amazed by stunning landscapes and unforgettable experiences. From picturesque trails to exotic botanical gardens, come with us on an adventure and explore the natural and cultural wonders that are waiting for you there. In this text, we’re sharing 5 tips for unmissable activities. Go on and read them!

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Walk along the “Levadas”

Visit Madeira’s famous “levadas”, trails that meander through the landscape and offer breathtaking panoramic views. Walk along the channels (levadas) and be in contact with Nature, while you uncover landscapes of rare beauty and enjoy the island’s fresh air.

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Pico do Areeiro

If you’re an outdoors adventure enthusiast, you can’t miss out on the opportunity of going up the Pico do Areeiro, the third highest point in Madeira. The challenging trail rewards you with spectacular views!

Funchal’s Botanical Garden

Visite Funchal’s botanical garden and let yourself be surrounded by the richness of Madeira’s flora. With a vast collection of endemic and exotic species, this garden is a true paradise for Nature lovers. 

Farmer’s Market

Get to know the Madeira island and discover the true essence of Madeira’s culture in its Farmer’s Market, in Funchal. Get to know the local colours and tastes, from tropical fruits to traditional handicrafts, a unique sensorial experience.

Sunset at Cape Girão

Finish your day in great style, enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe. Cape Girão offers a stunning view over the cliffs and the sea, creating the perfect landscape for unforgettable moments.

With LovelyStay, your experience on the Madeira island will be memorable and full of discoveries. From stunning landscapes to exciting adventures, this island is definitely worth your visit!

Translated by Joana Teixeira

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