If you’re looking for opportunities in real estate investment in Portugal, LovelyStay has excellent news for you. The leading company in tourist accommodation management presents two products which are perfect for investors: Ando Santa Catarina, located on Rua de Santa Catarina, in the heart of Porto, and Pilar, located near the Serra do Pilar, in Vila Nova de Gaia. Get to know more about these unique projects, which offer profitability and valorisation in the long term.

Ando Santa Catarina: invest in quality and location

Ando Santa Catarina is a housing enterprise consisting of T1 and T1+1 properties, with premium finishes and carefully planned decoration. Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Porto, this project offers easy access to transportation, shops and restaurants, making it highly attractive to the tourist accommodation market, as well as to medium and long-term stays. Besides, Ando Living, which belongs to the same group as LovelyStay, is an international expanding tourist accommodation premium brand, offering unique flexible living solutions, now in Lisbon, Porto and Istanbul. This project’s buyers will benefit from five years of guaranteed return over the purchase value.

Ando Santa Catarina

Pilar: investment opportunity and Golden Visa

Pilar is a tourist enterprise which offers studios and modern 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, framed by a contemporary façade. Located near the Serra do Pilar, in Vila Nova de Gaia, this is a perfect project for investors who are still looking for properties with the potential for applying for a Golden Visa. With a reception, pool, and leisure area, Pilar is an investment which offers quality of life to its residents. Besides, its excellent location, near the metro and a few minutes away from Porto’s centre, provides comfort and a unique real estate opportunity.

By choosing to invest in one of the products sold by LovelyStay, you will be counting on the experience of a renowned company in the market of property management in Portugal. LovelyStay offers complete support to investors, from purchase to rental management, providing tranquillity and profitability. Besides, the properties selected by LovelyStay were carefully projected to guarantee maximum comfort and satisfaction to guests, which result in high occupancy rates and above-average profits.

If you’re looking for real estate investment opportunities in Portugal, these two products are the perfect choice. Count on LovelyStay to turn your investment into a successful experience. For more information, contact our team at sales@lovelystay.com or +351 939 958 051.

Translated by Joana Teixeira

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