With Summer already up and running, Sintra has proven to be one of the most charming destinations to enjoy memorable holidays in Portugal. Located a few kilometers away from Lisbon, this town is famous for its stunning palaces, breathtaking landscapes and magical atmosphere. If you’re looking for what to do in Sintra this Summer, here are some unmissable activities to enjoy your visit to the max.

Explore the Historical Palaces

Sintra is known for its magnificent historical palaces, and a visit to this town wouldn’t be complete without exploring them. Start by the stunning Pena Palace, with its vibrant colours and romantic architecture. Next, get to know the beauty of Sintra’s National Palace, where you can marvel at the traditional azulejos and fascinating details. Enjoy the sunny weather and take a walk on the beautiful gardens of these palaces and enjoy the panoramic views.

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Take a walk in the mountains

The Sintra mountain range is a true paradise for nature and hiking lovers. During Summer, this green area offers amazing trails for you to explore. Hike until the highest point, Monte da Lua, and marvel at the stunning views over the surrounding landscape. Walking in the mountains, you’ll find fantastic fountains, viewpoints and even old ruins, which will add a touch of history to your open-air experience.

Relax on the local beaches

Although Sintra is known for its palaces and mountain landscapes, the town also offers access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. If you’re looking for what to do in Sintra during Summer, go and enjoy the sun and the sea on the nearest beaches, such as Praia Grande and Praia das Maçãs, which are perfect to relax and enjoy the warm weather. 

Visit Cabo da Roca

Located near Sintra, this cape is the westernmost point in continental Europe. This fascinating place offers infinite panoramic views over the ocean, a truly memorable experience. Walk along the cliffs, feel the ocean breeze and take incredible photos of this unique place. It’s an unmissable destination, especially at sunset, when the sky turns into an impressive colour palette.

Enjoy the local gastronomy

Looking for things to do in Sintra? Trying local gastronomy is an excellent option! This town is famous for its conventual pastries, such as the travesseiros or the queijadas. Walk along the streets and discover the local patisseries, where you can savour these sweet tidbits. Try some traditional Portuguese dishes in the local restaurants as well, where you can taste fresh seafood, fish dishes and other regional specialities. Don’t forget to pair your meals with a nice glass of Portuguese wine!

Discover Sintra’s magic by night

To finish this round of tips about what to do in Sintra, don’t miss out on the chance to explore the town at night. With scenic illumination, Sintra’s atmosphere gets even more magical after the sun sets. Walk along the narrow and winding streets, marvel at the illuminated palaces and enjoy the charming atmosphere. If you wish for a more exclusive experience, you can take part on a nightly visit to the palaces, where you may enjoy Sintra’s beauty under a unique light.

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Translated by Joana Teixeira

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