Tourism in Portugal is growing more each day! According to the data of the National Institute for Statistics (INE), the tourist accommodation sector in Portugal has registered 2,7 million guests and 6,8 million overnight stays in April 2023. These numbers correspond to a growth of 16,5% and 13,8%, respectively, when compared to the same period in 2022.

In the first four months of 2023 only, INE has reported that the overnight stays in the country have increased, on average, 30%, especially foreign tourists (+37,1%). When compared to the same period of 2019 (pre-pandemic), the overnight stays in the country have grown 14,2%.

Regarding the global number, Portuguese tourists have contributed with two million overnight stays (an homologous growth of 7,3%), whereas travelers from other countries record a total of 4,8 million overnight stays (+16,8%).

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Among foreigners, British tourists represented 18,1% of the total of non-residents in April. The Spanish market represented 11,9% of tourism in Portugal, and the German one 11,4% of the total among foreigners. Canada and the United States stood out for amounting to the biggest growth, when compared to April 2022 (+89,5% and +54,2%, respectively). Only Finland, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands have decreased in overnight stays (-11,5%, -5,9%, -2,0% and -0,4%, respectively).

When compared to the pre-pandemic period (April 2019), Portuguese tourists’ overnight stays have increased in every region, especially Madeira (+105,4%). On the other hand, the overnight stays of foreigners have grown in every region, but less expressively in the Algarve (+1,7%), just like the data from the INE show.

In terms of accommodation type, the overnight stays continue to overcome 2019’s values, especially when it comes to rural tourism and services apartments. In hotels (82,3% of the total), the number of overnight stays has increased 12,9% (+13,0% when compared to April 2019), whereas in tourist accommodation (14,1% of the total) it has grown 18,6% (+14,0% when compared to April 2019). Services apartments and rural tourism (3,6% quota) have registered an increase of 17,3% in overnight stays (+55,3% when compared to April 2019).

Source: Jornal de Negócios

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Translated by Joana Teixeira

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