LovelyStay, the premium tourist accommodation company in Portugal, has just released a new service, a pioneer in the market, as they are the first tourist accommodation management agency in the country to offer it: all of their guests will have free access to more than 7 thousand newspapers and magazines from all over the world, thanks to a partnership with PressReader. With this new LovelyStay service, guests will get to enjoy an exclusive benefit during their stay in our accommodations.

To Hospitality Manager Duarte Ramalho, LovelyStay is taking a big step in improving the guests’ experience. “We are very pleased to offer this new service, which will allow our guests to keep up with the news from all over the world during their stay at our accommodations. At LovelyStay, we are always looking for a way to stand out in the Tourism Accommodation market, and we believe that this initiative is another example of that, uniting technology and environmental concerns”.

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With this new service, guests have the opportunity to read news and articles on the most diverse themes, from politics to entertainment. Besides, this service allows guests to keep up to date on their country’s news, even when they’re far away from home, and everything is in a digital format and in their own language.

LovelyStay guests can now access renowned newspapers and magazines from all over the world, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Vogue, Forbes, and many others. The access to this service is made through an easy to use app, allowing the guests to read and download publications on their smartphones and tablets. Other than that, the access is also possible in a laptop computer, inside of the accommodation.

LovelyStay is confident that this new service will not only allow a better experience to their guests, but also stand out in the tourism accommodation market in Portugal. The company aims to provide quality and exclusive services to their guests. The acquisition of this yearly PressReader package is another proof of that. LovelyStay’s always looking for innovation and improvement, and this new service is a clear example of that.

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Translated by Joana Teixeira