LovelyStay has been consolidating in the market as a property manager, and that’s why it has just officially launched a new service: management of conventional rentals. With 8 years of history and a lot of experience in the management of tourist accommodation and medium-term rentals, the company has been feeling the need to offer a complete management service for conventional rentals for the past few years. After almost one year of preparation, now is the moment to officially broaden our offer to the general public.

The idea of managing conventional rentals started during the pandemic, given that the company has accompanied the growing number of digital nomads or even freelancers who have chosen Portuguese cities as their homes for a longer period. Initially, the company launched a special package for the management of medium-term stays and is now investing in the long-term market.

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“Many may think that this measure comes from the recent legislative proposals on housing, but the truth is that LovelyStay has been managing short, medium and long-term stays since 2020. To consolidate LovelyStay as a manager of any type of property is a plan which exists ever since, but we opted to develop these new models in a conscious and sustainable way, in order to guarantee that we don’t compromise the quality of our management”, comments Miguel Marinho Soares, Head of Business Development at LoveyStay.

The advantage of working with a company which has so much experience in property management is precisely the possibility to have a team capable of solving any problem and ready to delineate the best strategies. Be it regarding maintenance, audits, quality control, market analysis, tenant verification even before they sign the contract, among other services, few will be as well prepared to tend to the needs of such a demanding market as LS, which counts on a team of almost 100 people all over the country. LovelyStay clients who look for conventional rental management have total support 24/7, a specific account manager, access to the company’s platform, and may even offer their tenants laundry and cleaning services.

“We don’t want to compete with real estate agencies. By launching this management service, LovelyStay presents a competitive commission with an exclusive and personalised service. We understand that many owners may opt for conventional rentals, and that’s why we want to offer these clients a specialised and complete management service”, reinforces Soares.

For those who want to get to know this new service offered by LovelyStay, the company has a direct communication channel which may be via the e-mail address or by phone to +351 939 958 051. If you’re already our customer, the company reinforces that your account manager can clarify any doubts.

If you wish, visit LovelyStay’s website through this link:

Translated by Joana Teixeira