LovelyStay has created a new contract model, specially developed for the medium-term rentals of properties within the containment zones. Since the pandemic, the company has been working with short and medium-term rentals destined for the public who are in Portugal to work, digital nomads and any other person who is looking for accommodation for a period of over a month. After a very positive experience, LovelyStay has created a special service for properties located within the restricted zones, in Lisbon and in Porto.

Although containment areas in Lisbon exist since 2019, the City Hall has been widening the areas restricted to the emission of new tourist accommodation licenses. In Porto, the containment zones were implemented in 2019, but the restriction was lifted during the pandemic. After a lot of discussion, since October this year all of Porto’s historical centre is blocked to new AL licenses again, and the suspension in the municipality includes the parishes of Bonfim, Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, and São Nicolau e Vitória.

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So, for every property projected for tourist accommodation, that today has no possibility to get an AL license, LovelyStay presents a profitable solution, with all the knowledge of a company which studies the market so as to provide their clients with the expected returns. With this new contract model, the company offers a management package conceived for medium-term rentals, which includes maintenance, cleaning, communication with guests, customer management, and much more!

“Containment zones are a reality in the main two cities of the country: Lisbon and Porto. For many foreign and national investors, to own tourist accommodation in the historical centre, at this moment, is not a possibility anymore. To remedy this situation, we have created a management package specific to medium and long-term tourist rentals, which comprise precisely those who already own or are about to own a complete, ready-to-host property, in a privileged location, and who are looking for a more exclusive service”, explains Miguel Marinho Soares, Head of Business Development at LoveyStay.

If you want more information on how to have a medium-term rental with LovelyStay, talk to our team via e-mail or by phone to +351 937 716 865.

Translated by Joana Teixeira

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