Having a well-decorated apartment is synonymous with getting more bookings and, as a consequence, being more profitable. Tourists’ profile has changed and we can see this even more with the demand level of our guests in an increasingly competitive market. To stand out is the best way of having a successful business! But if each one wants to have their own place, how do you anticipate competition? One big step is to invest in tourist accommodation decoration! Our own personal taste is not always the best option for a tourist accommodation, and it is important to get some tips.

In order to get some help, we have spoken to Mariana Lima, a decorator specialised in tourist accommodation, who has spoken about some important points to consider in order to transform a tourist accommodation into a successful business. Keep reading below!

LovelyStay – Which are the 3 main points we should consider on the decoration of tourist accommodations?

Mariana Lima – The first thing we’ll sell is the accommodation’s photo, so we should think in photogenic details! Colours that stand out in the picture, some elements which differentiate from the rest, textures and details.

– Quality and comfort. We should invest in good mattresses, pillows and sofas! These elements are quite important so that at the end of their stay guests leave good comments.

– Don’t exaggerate on the amount of furniture – we must always think our guests come with baggage and they need space to circulate and a place to open them. In this sense, in smaller spaces, always pay attention to having the least amount of furniture possible and in the right dimensions.

Apartment managed by LovelyStay

LS – What is a must-have for tourist accommodation decoration?

ML – For me, the must-have in a tourist accommodation is an element/group of elements which have the spotlight. For example, by creating a wall with a lot of pictures, we know it will create a good photograph and that even the tourists will want to take photos of it. In this way, we are creating a brand image for the apartment.

LS – What isn’t worth investing in the decoration of tourist accommodation?

ML – Light-coloured things! In tourist accommodation, it is almost impossible to use white textiles, for example. With the excessive use of the apartments, we should opt for darker textiles, where you can’t notice usage.

LS – Do details make a difference?

ML – Of course, Details may very well be what makes a guest choose an apartment over the other. It is details which many times create good memories about the stay in that apartment. For example, in the kitchen, if we pay attention to detail, like having a cookbook, and utensils which are not common in other apartments, we are creating a good memory and the desire to come back. In the living room, a nice scented candle, a vase of dry flowers and books for reading.


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Mariana Lima can also be found on her Instagram profile.

Translated by Joana Teixeira

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