These are the impressive numbers of LovelyStay, leader company in the market of Tourist Accommodation, which helps demonstrate that the recovery of tourism is real and that the sector has never been in such an expansion! For those who are investing or are questioning themselves about whether or not to put their house up for rent as tourist accommodation, the moment is now! Only in April, LovelyStay has had a gross profit of 1.3 M euros, which equates to an increase of +584% compared to last year. Our expectation is to close 2022 with a gross profit for our owners of 18,5 million euros.

“Despite the world crisis, in the last two years, we have had an exponential increase in our portfolio, which directly reflects the growth of our business volume. Nowadays, we are living a historical moment in the company, with a profitability per property never before seen. The effects of the pandemic have been overcome and, thanks to our strategies and results, we are in an excellent position, in which our clients keep wanting to work with us and new partners look for us because they believe in our work”, celebrates William Tonnard, CEO at LovelyStay.

Considering the average monthly profitability of LovelyStay apartments in Lisbon, a T1 earns 2,911 euros a month, a T2 has an income of 4,554 euros and a T3 of 6,346 euros. In Porto, those values may vary a bit, but a T1 has average profitability of 2,295 euros, a T2 of 3,676 euros and a T3 of 4,763 euros. If we analyse, on average, the business volume of LovelyStay properties in the Algarve during the Summer – in the months of June, July and August -, the values are between 3,900 and 6,200 euros a month.

To differentiate itself in the market, LovelyStay has decided to invest mainly in a specialised team, capable of giving all the necessary support to guests and owners alike. Only this year, for example, the company has hired three more account managers, who give all of their attention to owners and make sure that all properties function as good as possible. All this combined with cutting-edge technology, unique in the market, makes it possible to study the competition prices, work 24/7 and still reach strategies which achieve historical results for the company and its clients!

“Our success owes itself mostly to the investment we have always made in efficient strategies with a specialised team. We work with two audiences, and our biggest challenge is to offer them both great service! Today, more than 40% of our properties have the title of Superhost on Airbnb, which is the conquest of the union of a very well selected portfolio and an excellent team who is available 24/7 to assist guests”, comments Tonnard.

In order to attain these results, it is also necessary to think outside the box. In order to help owners who have houses inside the containment zones in Lisbon, the company has been working with longer stays, between 1 and 12 months, with much more competitive commissions, but offering the same support than any tourist accommodation. This turns out to be the most profitable alternative at this moment to that public.

To those looking for a Tourist Accommodation company, LovelyStay manages properties all over the country! Contact us by e-mail at or by phone +351 939 958 912 or visit our website for more information. 

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