After the many challenges encountered and overcame in the almost two years of the pandemic, today we face another one which moves the whole world: the need for humanitarians to help Ukraine. With a war taking place in the country right this moment, hundreds of thousands of people stand united with the aim of helping Ukraine.

Although many people are donating food, which is extremely important, associations are also asking for essential goods such as medicine, baby formula, nappies, hygiene products, lanterns, batteries, sleeping bags, thermal underwear, work gloves, socks in the sizes 42/46, among other things.

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In order to help Ukraine, LovelyStay offices in Porto and Lisbon are receiving donations. For those who can’t donate directly in our offices, we also share a donation link created by Unicef Portugal. The goal is to help as much as possible! Donate through this link.

Alexandra Oliveira, Porto Operational Manager at LovelyStay, is acting in the front line, working directly at the collection point in Gaia, in Largo Utic, where trucks completely full with donations depart daily to Ukraine’s borders. That’s why it is important to reinforce that in terms of resources the situation is critical for the military and that it is very important that people also donate equipment to protect those who are there.

About helping actively in the collection of donations, Alexandra says: “in yet another dark first days of March, I have been living one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It is moving to watch this current of Love for others with which we have started Lent in the first row. But it is important that the tons of donated goods, the hours spent, the unashamed hugs, the tears and laughter we’ve shared don’t end yet. This is far from over and we need solidarity to be elastic and we need lots of arms, we need not discourage or get lost in time, replaced by a new cause instigated by the Media. We are receiving thousands of refugees in our Country, we are going to be home and comfort for these people”.

Help can come in many ways and it is important to have open arms to welcome Ukrainian citizens in Portugal. If you want to help Ukraine by making a donation, here are our addresses:

  • Porto Office: R. de Sá da Bandeira, 501
  • Lisbon Office: Rua Assunção, 7, 1° Andar

United we are stronger!

Translated by Joana Teixeira

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