During this year and the next, the Portuguese government will invest 10 million euros to promote Portugal as a tourist destination worldwide. The amount will be transferred to Turismo de Portugal, which will use the funds for digital advertising campaigns, with most of them (7.5 million euros) planned for 2022, according to published information.

The entity, which has already invested several times in promoting the country on the most varied platforms, receives this sum precisely at a time when it is so important to publicize Portugal in order to attract tourists.

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“Campaigns like this certainly cheer up our sector, which today is going through a recovery phase. It is very important for the government to support and invest in promoting Portugal as a tourist destination. After all, we want to remember 2020 as a distant year and leave in the past all the instability that the pandemic brought”, comments the Head of Business Development, Miguel Marinho Soares.

The expectations for tourism in 2022 are positive. We recently talked to LovelyStay’s revenue manager who analyzed the market, profiled the tourists, and commented on the sector’s perspectives for this year. Want to know everything? Be sure to read it at the link!

The international tourism campaign that will take place in the digital media is already being launched. “Thus, it is important to prepare the conditions so that Turismo de Portugal, fulfilling its responsibilities, can, given the existing context, prepare the execution of the advertising campaign, under the framework agreement entered into,” justify government officials.

With this important investment to promote Portugal as a tourist destination, we can consider that little by little the sector will be re-established. Following this trend, still this year we will be relatively close to the tourism we received in 2019 – considered the best year ever.

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