Unlike other parts of the country, it is quite obvious why the highest volume of tourists in southern Portugal comes in the Summer. With warmer waters, an enviable coastal area, and a temperature above 30 degrees, the Algarve in August is indeed very popular with national and international tourists.

With the COVID-19 situation in recent months, this preference for the Algarve has only diminished because many countries, such as England, have imposed restrictions on travel to Portugal. But with so many vacation days to enjoy, tourists can’t wait to get to the Algarve in August – whether by car or by plane! 

According to the Região do Turismo do Algarve (RTA), tourism is expected to increase in the region from mid-August and September – and this could mark a turning point in the sector. In any case, the Portuguese and Spanish markets (proximity markets) should continue to be the principal clientele. An increase in the flow of tourists from the main foreign markets should only occur from September onwards.

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Since Monday (July 19), the British who have already completed the vaccination process can travel to yellow list destinations (which includes Portugal) and do not have to go through quarantine on their return home. Demand and booking of flights from the UK to the Algarve, however, has not increased significantly, but there have been far fewer cancellations – proving that Brits are not going to stop enjoying their vacations here.

According to João Fernandes, president of the RTA, in an interview: “We expect that August, particularly in the second half, and September will be months with a different reality, whether because of the evolution of the pandemic, or the vaccination process. If we look back to last year, many people choose to come during this period”, he confesses, adding that “there are good signs of reservations for September and onwards”.

LovelyStay’s results in the Algarve:

If our July results were excellent, the prospects for the Algarve in August are even better. According to our price management team, we had an occupancy rate in the southern part of the country of 82% – which is excellent compared to the accommodation market averages!

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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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