With the de-confinement in Portugal, the arrival of high temperatures, and the beginning of the opening of the borders, what can we expect from tourism during the Summer? In Portugal, expectations are high, mainly because finally the vaccination process is moving faster and the cases of COVID-19 are significantly decreasing. In this text, we will talk about some actions and news that can help to boost tourism in the highest season of the year. Take a look!

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To promote tourism, the Algarve Tourist Board is creating campaigns in partnership with some of the main European airlines and tour operators working with the region, with the aim of strengthening the destination’s notoriety, arousing the interest of new visitors, and converting that interest into bookings during the upcoming summer months. The target audiences are mainly: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland.

Already the European Union is considering having a “green passport” for tourists – a health certificate that will facilitate travel within Europe. People who are vaccinated against COVID-19, have a negative test, or have already contracted the disease and recovered, will have free access to circulation within some countries of the European continent. An excellent initiative to promote tourism during the summer.

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The European Parliament is still in the process of negotiating this certificate which will benefit various sectors. The main objective is to guarantee the safety of all countries open to tourism, encouraging immunised or disease-free people to travel.

“Right now, there are many important initiatives underway that are helping to drive tourism and the restaurant business – sectors largely affected by the pandemic. Regional campaigns, the way Portugal overcame the worst-case scenario in January, and even the green passport are all contributing to everyone’s increased confidence. We are optimistic that tourism during the summer will be much better than last year, thanks to the willingness to travel of cautious people who, at the same time, look forward to enjoying the good Portuguese weather”, reinforces Miguel Marinho Soares, Head of Business Development at LovelyStay.

Besides the points mentioned, Portugal is among the few European countries where the British will be able to travel. According to a statement by the British Prime Minister, as of 17th May, some countries will enter the UK’s “green list”. What does this mean? Britons traveling to countries on the list will not need to be quarantined when they return which is great for Portugal!

So, even with some uncertainties, we can remain confident that we will have a great summer in 2021.

Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares

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