It is very common nowadays to find properties of smaller sizes, either because they are older and located in big city centers, or even because more modern buildings often have smaller layouts. For this reason, it is not always simple to fit everything you need into a compact environment. However, with some tips from an expert, this task can certainly be much easier! So, we want to know: do you want to find out how to decorate a small flat? Read our article!

Even if your property doesn’t have much space, that doesn’t mean it has to be simple or lack personality. Still, the watchword is to be functional. That’s why we spoke to the decorator, Mariana Lima, so she can give you precious tips for when it comes to furnishing and decorating your flat. Especially for those who own a short-term rental and want to make their property attractive, it is important to pay attention to the details in order to turn your business into something welcoming and well rated by guests.

LovelyStay – In general, what decorating tips are important for those who have a small flat? What is a must-have and what is not worth putting in?

Mariana Lima – The motto is: less is more! The focus should be so that when a guest enters they don’t feel there’s not even enough room to leave their suitcase. Use mirrors and make the most of the walls to hang pictures, the TV, some furniture and shelves.

A good tip is to add dividers to better define the areas. If you have to choose a must-have, I advise investing in mirrors. To decorate a small flat, always beware of anything that has no use or is too big for space.

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LS – For those who have a property with lots of natural light, what are your decorating tips?

ML – Make the most of the natural light and don’t cover the windows in any way. In these flats, we can make more use of colour.

LS – And for those who have flats with little natural light, what is recommended to make the environment more welcoming?

ML – Use lots of lighting: yellow lighting to make the room cosier, and white lighting to simulate the luminosity of the outside. Ideally use yellow for resting spaces, such as lamps on bedside tables, reading spaces, etc., and white LEDs near a window and for general lighting, as it is more similar to natural light. 

LS – Do colours help the environment a lot? What are the most recommended colours to decorate a small flat?

ML – Colours are the key element for decoration, whether on the walls, textiles or furniture. They are what give the flat its personality and life. In a small property, opt for lighter colours, but never be afraid of using colour. Paint just one wall a bright colour, or paint geometric shapes – it’s a great idea to cover a smaller area with colour so that it becomes your surprise element. So that you don’t get lost and confused between the colours you should choose, create a palette of colours that link together.

LS – And in the bathroom, when it is very small, how can I make it more pleasant?

ML – Opt for shower cubicles with glass doors instead of bathtubs. Also, make the most of wall spaces with mirrors. Use vertical storage and put only what is necessary, keeping the space tidy and organized.

Mariana Lima is a partner at LovelyStay and works on the decoration and planning of several flats. If you want to know more about her work, click on the link. And if you want to be our partner, contact us through the email:


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Translated by Miguel Marinho Soares