Sustainable tourism is something that has been discussed for many years and, with all the twists and turns that the world has seen in the last 11 months, it has proven to be even more important. Whether it’s to raise awareness among tourists, to preserve spaces or even to create a strategy that values the environment, investing in worldwide awareness campaigns is extremely important if we don’t want to degrade our best heritage: the planet.

The year 2020 has brought some questions about our current way of life regarding our excesses, how we travel, how we relate or even how we behave with each other and with nature. We were able to realize that at the moment when the world stopped, nature momentarily covered up its wear and tear, the rivers recovered and even the Venice canals went back to what they used to be. These results only show how much we need to be aware of our impact on the environment.

With this in mind, Turismo de Portugal has just launched a campaign to promote sustainable and more responsible tourism in the main issuing markets: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, and Brazil. This campaign entitled “Tomorrow is today”, will disseminate a range of information during the first quarter of 2021, which will be done exclusively through digital media and in a totally organic way (no investment in advertising).

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“The first four videos of this campaign (the fifth will be launched later) show the natural assets of each country, illustrating the moment in which they find themselves, personified in a protagonist who appeals to a tourist’s responsibility in a more sustainable sector. The proposal is a call to union, to the collective conscience and to the will and responsibility of these destinations to protect what has been given to them by nature, which is the essence of their identity and which must be preserved forever”, according to the information obtained in a press release from Turismo de Portugal.

With this appeal, the aim is to make tourists discover new ways to travel. While the country is approaching a new confinement and the world of travel remains practically in suspense, the goal is mainly to contribute to awareness. It is necessary not only for a more sustainable tourism, but also for a much more conscious tourist, able to recognize the importance of preserving cities, tourist spots and natural treasures.

While the +Sustainable 20/23 Plan remains in public discussion until January 26th, Portugal also adopts sustainability as a promotional focus, “in order to prepare a more resistant, resilient and, above all, more responsible future”, the author adds. 

To watch the videos already published by Turismo de Portugal, click here.

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