Trying to question when tourism will return to Portugal seems to be a relevant point to start the year 2021, don’t you think? Not only because of the strength of the sector, but also because of the understanding that tourism is an important income for the country. Not to mention that many jobs depend directly or indirectly on the visitors we receive from all over the world. But in the midst of so many uncertainties, the estimate is very friendly, considering the worst part of this new wave will pass quickly. As predicted by the Portuguese government, by the end of March the tourism sector can expect a considerable rewarming.

In fact, last year’s results were not satisfactory. According to the Portuguese Confederation of Tourism (CTP), it is estimated this week that tourism revenues will have reached 8 million euros in 2020, i.e. 57% less than in 2019, due to the pandemic. But this does not discourage good prospects for this year.

According to the Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, “businesses must prepare for the return of tourism after Easter. In a presentation last December, the minister discussed the new programs and investments for this year. And although all the difficulties of 2020 are still present, it is important to estimate a gradual recovery and be optimistic that tourism will return to Portugal soon.

For those who depend directly on tourism, it is important to be aware that even with the vaccination process already underway, this year we will still have to live and live with the virus. It is necessary that all establishments, be they hotels, Airbnb, or even restaurants, respect and pay attention to sanitary measures. Only then, regaining confidence, tourism will return in force to Portugal soon after this second wave of infection.

See here the piece created to talk about the actions that Tourism of Portugal has invested to gain the confidence of tourists.

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LovelyStay Results in 2020

“In March, LovelyStay saw its income fall to almost zero and we ended the year with an above average occupancy rate. We are proud to have had 7,935 check-ins, a number that represents more than 24,000 guests who spent this year on the company’s properties,” says Miguel Marinho Soares, Head of Business Development at LovelyStay.

What does this mean in real gains? Considering data available on local accommodations across the country, revenues from LovelyStay apartments located in the Algarve averaged 1.72x those of the competition. In Lisbon, that number reached 2.43x! In Porto, the revenue per apartment was 2.67x higher than the competition.

So let’s look to 2021 with good prospects and be confident that even before the summer, tourism should return to Portugal!

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