With the emergence of the new pandemic, many landlords are afraid to welcome guests to their properties, as they could become  infected with the coronavirus. We know that the virus can remain active for several days on different surfaces and materials, but with a specialized cleaning, does the risk of contamination decrease?

If you still receive tourists, health professionals who are on the front lines or even local guests for long stays, we’ve separated some tips that will help keep your home clean, disinfected and risk-free for you and all your guests. The proposal is to fight the spread of coronavirus to the maximum. Take a look:

1- Clean and disinfect the house

In addition to the common cleaning practices, with special attention to every corner of the house, it is also essential to disinfect the entire property. Use suitable products such as bleach, for example, and 70% alcohol, to spray all spaces immediately after cleaning. Let the products act for 20 minutes and then sweep them with a kitchen towel to remove the excess of product. If you are using a cloth, we recommend using a new one for each guest. Pay attention and clean the remote controls, handles, light switches and objects that are constantly in contact with people.

2- Use disposable materials

In addition to gloves and masks, wear disposable gowns and clothes. It is very important to preserve your health.

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3- Essential care

As soon as you arrive at the property, leave the windows open for the entire cleaning or at least 20 minutes. It is important to circulate fresh air into the space. Avoid touching your face in any way – respecting all health recommendations. And at the end, wash your hands with soap and water and finish with 70% alcoholic gel.

4- Cleaning of sheets and towels

With the new coronavirus, it is important to wash all materials, including sheets, towels, covers, duvet, kitchen cloths and blankets at a very high temperature – the maximum recommended for each item. This is one way to prevent the spread of the disease.

5- Other cares

Don’t forget to clean sofas, curtains and carpets with the appropriate products; don’t use the vacuum cleaner, because the movement in the air, in which the virus can be contained, turns them into aerosols; remove the bag or the dirt and clean it with a disinfectant; always put a garbage bag in the bin; and after it all, safely remove all the cleaning products and wash and dispose of everything immediately.

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